Scientist Harald Lesch at Lanz: “I’m pretty speechless”

Updated on 08/18/2022 at 06:17

  • On Wednesday evening, Markus Lanz felt: The public debate was boiling.
  • Different worldviews clashed several times in the studio on topics such as value added tax, excess profit tax and the level of prosperity.
  • Journalist Ulf Röller thought: “We will get into unbelievable distribution discussions”.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) made a blunder at a joint press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Scholz initially did not react after Abbas accused Israel of multiple holocausts against the Palestinians. “Israel has committed 50 massacres in 50 Palestinian locations from 1947 to the present day,” he said, adding, “50 massacres, 50 holocausts.” Just one of the topics of conversation at Markus Lanz.

That’s the topic of “Markus Lanz”

Lanz offered a sweeping blow on Wednesday evening: Von Scholz’s government visit in Norway and the question “What did his visit bring?” It was about the cohesion of the traffic light coalition, the Chancellor’s mistake at the press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the climate crisis and Corona policy Chinas.

These are the guests

  • Marie Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP): The defense politician spoke out clearly against an excess profit tax. “We will be in crises, even with Coronaeven during the Ukraine war, there are always companies that suddenly earn a relatively large amount from this crisis,” she said. Then there would be a discussion every time: “When will which company, which industry, be asked to pay in particular, because you than Markus Lanz say: ‘They didn’t take any entrepreneurial risks at all!'”, according to the FDP politicians.
  • Ulf Röller: The foreign correspondent said: “We will get into unbelievable distribution discussions”. Our society is only partially prepared for this, we come from a relatively high level of prosperity. “Our ability to suffer is much less pronounced than in China, for example,” says Röller. Half of the country there has no heating at all.
  • Harald Lesch: “We are not yet properly activating the largest source of energy in the country – namely saving energy,” said the astrophysicist. Until 2019, the atmosphere in the country was not in favor of savings. Politicians do not succeed in making it clear: “There is something coming up that is really causing us problems”. Deutschland will remember this summer as a “pleasant” summer for years to come. He suggested covering all roofs in Germany with photovoltaics.
  • Robin Alexander: “You ask yourself: why did those with the gas heating cause more of the Russian war than the others?” the journalist commented on the gas levy, which only gas customers have to shoulder. The FDP, which did not want any tax increases, drove Habeck into a certain toughness.

This is the moment of the evening at “Lanz”

Lanz asked Lesch about it Opinion on an excess profit tax and he replied: “To be honest, I’m quite speechless!”. Biontech had the express goal of creating a vaccine that had quite positive effects. “The mineral oil companies have increased their profits x-fold. They are actually indecent even for an outright capitalist, they are poor profiteers from fossil resources,” Lesch said angrily.

You have to say: “For a limited time we have to get the money because we need it somewhere else”. Billions flowed into companies that would do exactly the opposite of what Germany actually needs – the expansion of renewable energies and the necessary infrastructure.

This is the speech duel of the evening

The topic of the gas levy had not yet been fully discussed: “One has to assume that there is a political calculation behind it,” Lesch said of the fact that the question of value added tax has only now been clarified. “If national governments have to announce something that doesn’t go so well, say: It was the ones in Brussels,” journalist Alexander interjected from the side.

“The discussion about the gas levy has been going on for quite some time,” Lesch recalled. “But now it’s getting concrete,” Strack-Zimmermann replied defensively. Alexander unmasked: “They wanted to say the net amount on Monday and not the gross amount, because the net amount was already high enough”. Then you wanted to say: “The bad guys from Brussels won’t let us waive your taxes”.

Alexander: “That’s political PR!” Lanz spoke up: “It looks like a sleight of hand”. Strack-Zimmermann shook his head. Also, when Alexander said, “Look, he did the trick, we caught him doing it.” The FDP politician got louder: “It’s really self-satisfaction that you think you caught him doing something!”

This is how Markus Lanz did

After his summer break, Lanz is increasingly coming back to his role: Joining the discussion, provoking, being persistent but humorous. For example, he said to FDP-Frau Strack-Zimmermann: “Can you still stop smiling when you see how you drive this traffic light in front of you?”

Lanz often asked insignificant questions, such as who had prevailed in the gas levy. A question of solidarity among the population would have been more important at times. What he didn’t succeed either: to lead a common thread through the show. Wild confusion, an angry Strack-Zimmermann and a rollerball run over the mouth were part of the evening.

This is the result at “Lanz”

It seemed like it had Markus Lanz accumulated a lot of need for speeches during the summer break. The variety of topics that he tried to accommodate in the show was simply too big: Palestine and Israel were discussed, as well as Corona, excess profit tax, climate crisis, digital dictatorship in China and Scholz’s government visit to Norway. Lanz would have to write a motto a little bigger behind his ears: not to lose sight of the relevance for the life of the viewer too much.

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Frank Plasberg, WDR, hard but fair, moderator, 2022

Updated on 08/17/2022 at 16:19

The moderator Frank Plasberg will no longer moderate the political talk “hard but fair” from November. WDR announced this on Wednesday. After 22 years and almost 750 broadcasts, it’s over. His successor will be the 32-year-old actor and presenter Louis Klamroth.

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