Scientists detect signs of a structure hidden in the center of the Earth

While we thought we knew the structure of our own planet, a new study calls into question the certainties of geologists. The Earth’s core, which we believed to be an inner and outer core, would eventually have an extra layer, the report said. DailyMail March 4.

It’s a discovery that could rewrite school books. In fact, researchers from the Australian National University of Canberra have discovered the presence of a fifth layer at the center of the Earth. To do this, the team used a search algorithm to browse through thousands of models of core internal. The objective was to match them with data observed over the duration of the seismic waves to cross the Earth, collected over decades by the International Seismological Center.

« We have found evidence that could point to a change in the structure of iron, possibly suggesting two distinct cooling events in the history of Terre ”, explains Joanne Stephenson, a geophysicist at the Australian National University. ” The details of this great event are still a mystery, but we have added another piece to the puzzle regarding our knowledge of the Earth’s inner core. »

These new findings may explain why some experimental results were inconsistent with our current models of the structure of the earth. The presence of a more inner layer has been suspected for some time now, the main clue being that the iron crystals that make up the inner core have different structural alignments.

In addition, a new method under development should soon fill some of the data gaps, due to the distribution of data. tremors of land and international sensors. It should thus allow scientists to corroborate or contradict their findings and, hopefully, reveal more stories etched in this layer of the Earth.

Source : The DailyMail

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