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Scientists Find Out Which Diseases Reduce The Risk Of COVID-19 Infection

People suffering from a number of diseases have every chance of avoiding infection due to the drugs they are taking for medical reasons.

As it turned out, not only vaccination reduces the risk of infection and the severe form of coronavirus, but also a number of diseases. A group of scientists from the University of London insist on this. As it turned out, people who are susceptible to allergies have every chance of not contracting the coronavirus. These were the results of a study that was conducted from May 2020 to February 2021. During this period of time, doctors tested people for the connection of allergic diseases with COVID-19. It was then that it turned out that the likelihood of a positive test result for COVID-19 in people suffering from atopic diseases (eczema, hay fever), such as 23% lower than in healthy people.

Asthmatics are even more likely to not get covid. The test results showed that asthma sufferers had a 38% lower risk of catching a coronavirus infection than everyone else.

Scientists also found an explanation for this phenomenon. Moreover, two at once. For example, researchers believe that people who, due to their illness, are forced to take immunosuppressants as prescribed by a doctor, behave, as a rule, very carefully and carefully. Such a caring attitude towards one’s health in itself reduces the risk of infection. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics are already accustomed to the fact that both must be kept at a distance and wear masks. The second explanation is the genes inherited from Denisov’s (Slavic) ancestors. Scientists say that patients have inherited an overly aggressive immune system, therefore, the immunity of allergy sufferers creates a more powerful defense against the virus.

“The own immune system of asthma and allergy sufferers decreases the expression of ACE2, the gene that encodes the SARS-CoV-2 receptor,” Reedus quoted an excerpt from the study.

In turn, the director of the Institute of Immunology of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, Musa Khaitova, confirmed that he knew about the existence of such a study, which revealed the link between allergies and coronavirus… At the same time, the doctor of medical sciences admitted that he would not have so unequivocally asserted this. Professor Khaitov believes that this issue requires careful study, but today there is no such possibility, since science today has different priorities. Indeed, most researchers are studying new deadly strains.

While some allergists, on the contrary, associate the spring waves of coronavirus with the influence of pollen on immunity… Moreover, there are immunologists who claim that the carrier of the coronavirus is poplar fluff.

In one thing, British scientists are undoubtedly right: allergy sufferers and asthmatics treat their health more carefully than healthy people, and this is an important factor in protecting the body from coronavirus.


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