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Scientists find water in a galaxy 12.88 billion light years from Earth

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A team of astrophysicists from the University of Illinois in the United States discovered the presence of water and carbon monoxide in a galaxy 12.88 billion light-years away from Earth, the first time that evidence of water has been detected at such a distant point in the universe.

newspaper said “SubwayOn November 5, 2021, the British announced that the team was able, using the ALMA radio telescope in Chile, to find water and carbon monoxide molecules in a galaxy called SPT0311-58.

The galaxy, which was observed in 2017, formed a billion years after the “Big Bang” and is the largest galaxy ever observed, is so large that researchers speculate that it is more like two galaxies in the midst of a merger.

“Using the high-resolution telescope to observe clouds of molecular gases present in the largest galaxy within this pair of galaxies,” says Srivani Garogula, an astronomer at the university and lead author of the study.

This discovery shows that the emergence of particles occurred very early in the life of the universe, earlier than even astrophysicists could imagine. “This study partially answers the question: Where and when was water found in the universe? But above all, it raises another question: How can so much gas and dust gather so early to form stars and galaxies?”

This discovery will allow astronomers to learn more about what the universe is and reveals the presence of water and carbon monoxide, two essential molecules for life, almost since the birth of the universe.


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