Scientists in the US report a universal antibody to coronavirus

At the Scripps Institute, local experts claim that they were able to establish the presence of cross-immunity to COVID-19, as well as other coronavirus infections that circulate in the human environment.

The institute said the universal antibodies to coronavirus could be “the starting point for broader vaccines.” Scientists found a universal antibody while examining blood samples that were collected before the pandemic. They were compared to samples from patients with COVID-19.

However, in later tests, the antibody also neutralized SARS-CoV-1. This is the coronavirus that causes SARS. The outbreak occurred in the early 2000s.

Earlier, WHO released on its official website updated data on deaths from coronavirus in the world for the entire time of the pandemic. Also, doctors said that as of May 26, 1,546,316,352 people received the coronavirus vaccine in the world.


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