Scientists rely on DNA to discover the shape of Egyptian mummies

Scientists in the United States have recently been able to reveal the facial features of three ancient Egyptian mummies, whose age exceeds two thousand years, thanks to DNA examination techniques that helped them reveal them.

Scientists work in laboratoriesBarabone Nano LabsIn the US state of Virginia, they are testing DNA samples from mummies, which are able to predict a person’s physical characteristics based on their genetic data.

Scientists used 3D design techniques to print the features of these mummies.

Parabon lab usually works to uncover the identities of criminals involved in criminal cases, using DNA.

According to Parabon, the young men who became mummies died at the age of 25.

The laboratory presented the images of the mummies at an international symposium on “human identification”.

The laboratory scientists collaborated with researchers at the University of Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute for Human History in Germany.

Scientists are examining the genetic molecules that determine several human characteristics, including eye and hair color and the likelihood of developing the disease.

The data was linked to the shape of the mummies on the one hand, and the scientists searched a database on the known origins of people with a genetic mixture dating back to the ancient Egyptians, in order to determine the shape of the three people.

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