Scientists sound the alarm about a mutant “derived” from Omicron

A number of scientists are monitoring a new corona mutant, which they called “BA.2”, which is a new derivative of the Omicron mutant, according to a report published by the magazine “”The ScientistScientific.

The Omicron mutant was responsible for the faster spread of Corona in Europe, Asia and the United States, during the last period.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the highest health authority in the United States, the new version of the BA.2 omicron mutant is spreading rapidly in some European countries such as Denmark. Cases of “BA.2” were detected in California and Texas, in the United States.

Ramon Lorenzo-Redondo, of Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago, told CNN.CNN“Of all the corona’s mutant, Omicron was the fastest spreading.”

Scientists in India were able to document some differences between the omicron mutant and the derived mutant “BA.2”, as there is a slight difference in the “shape” of the protein.

Cameron Wolf, an infectious disease expert at Duke University School of Medicine, told CNN:NBCNews: “It can be said that they are like brothers, from the same family, where there are slight differences, but most of the genes are similar in both.”

Gabriel Leung, dean of the University of Hong Kong Medical School, believes that “a mutant derivative of omicron may spread faster than the original mutant, by 35 percent.”

And the scientists say they don’t yet know “how differences might affect Omicron’s behaviour”.

Corona virus global toll

The Corona virus has killed at least 5.6 million people in the world since it appeared in China in December 2019, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official sources on Friday.

The United States recorded the highest number of deaths from the virus with 878,000 deaths, followed by Brazil with 625,000 deaths, then India with 492,000 deaths, and Russia with 328,000 deaths.

The World Health Organization estimates that the total number of deaths may be two to three times higher, taking into account the increased number of deaths directly and indirectly related to the epidemic.

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