Scientists warn India against COVID outbreak 3

6 May 2021


Scientists warn India against third coronavirus outbreak and will wreak havoc on the country. At the moment the government is dealing with the second wave of outbreaks. New cases account for nearly half of the global number of cases diagnosed.

K. Vijay Raghavan, a scientist who is an advisor to the government of India. Said that the third wave of outbreaks must inevitably occur. When considering the spread of the new corona virus. Causes of COVID-19 Which the Indian authorities should prepare urgently

This warning comes as the World Health Organization. (WHO) published a report that Last week India has new infections, accounting for nearly half of the world’s total number of cases. And the number of deaths is about 1 in 3 of the deaths worldwide.

On Wednesday (5 May), the Ministry of Health, India. With 382,315 new infections and 3,780 deaths, India has accumulated more than 20 million and 226,000 deaths so far.

On Tuesday (May 4) Arun Tate Roy, a famous writer of India. Writing to comment on independent news site urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign to take responsibility for the crisis. By saying that the Prime Minister India did not help solve the problem. But made the situation even worse

Prime Minister Modi And the Bharatiya Chonta Party Government party It has been heavily criticized for dealing with a false COVID-19 epidemic leading to a new outbreak. Including the release of politicians to campaign for elections in West Bengal in the past. At the public health experts It is seen as one of the reasons for the surge in the number of cases in the state.


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