Scientists warn of the impossibility of making up for vitamin D deficiency with food

British scientists figured outthat vitamin D deficiency cannot be replenished with food alone. It is necessary either to be in the sun enough, or to take special nutritional supplements.

There are several vitamins of group D, as well as, for example, vitamins of group B. However, in medicine and nutrition, doctors, speaking of vitamin D, do not specify which one is meant. Most often in the literature the term “calciferol” is mentioned. But it comes in two types – ergocalciferol (known as vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (D3).

Vitamin D2 can only be obtained from food. It is found in some types of marine fish, liver, cereals, yeast, mushrooms, eggs, dairy products. Vitamin D3 is mostly synthesized in the body when exposed to the sun.

The amount of vitamin D in the body, no matter what type, is determined by one analysis – the concentration of hydroxyvitamin D. It must be at least 25 units.

The essence of the experiment, which was conducted by British scientists from the University of Surrey, is that three groups of volunteers were asked to take vitamins for 12 weeks, report at the university.

The first group received nutritional supplements with ergocalciferol (D2), the second – dietary supplements with D3, the third – placebo. The sun, as a factor, practically did not participate in the experiment – the drugs were taken in the fall, when daylight hours in the United Kingdom are very short, and besides, coronavirus restrictions were in effect at that time, so people mostly stayed at home. Periodically, participants took a blood test, determining the level of vitamin D and the state of the immune system as a whole.

In the course of the study, it turned out that the effect of the use of different vitamins of group D was not the same. Thus, vitamin D3 had a modifying effect on the body’s immune system. That is, it helped to strengthen the immune system. According to scientists, this effect can be explained by the stimulation of the type 1 interferon signaling system in the body. It is she who protects a person from bacteria and viruses, preventing infection.

In the groups that took placebo and vitamin D2, the immunity of the participants in the experiment remained at the same level.

In this regard, scientists conclude that in conditions when it is impossible to compensate for vitamin D deficiency by being in the sun, it is necessary to take nutritional supplements, the diet will not help much. It should be noted that there are practically no nutritional supplements with vitamin D2, mainly with D3. But you can not prescribe a course of treatment yourself.

A few months ago, Australian scientists found that overabundance vitamin D in old age can cause the development of cancer.

Thus, the need for taking drugs should be determined by the doctor based on the results of the tests. And only a doctor can choose the right dosage.

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