‘Scooby-Doo’ character officially ‘comes out’

It was an open secret, which had never before been revealed during the adventures of Scooby Doo : Velma, the nerd of the detective dog gang, comes out in the franchise’s next animated film.

The clips of this new opus, Trick or Treat Scooby Doomade especially for Halloween, shows Velma Dinkley blushing in her perpetual orange dress, her glasses steaming up with emotion, when she meets the film’s villain, costume designer Coco Diablo.

“I love Daphne so much! What do I have to do? What should I say? “, she confides then in another scene unveiled this week on social networks.

The cowardly dog ​​”Scooby Doo” and his friends began solving crime riddles aboard their famous “Mystery Machine” in 1969, in a children’s television series that marked several generations.

Many fans of the franchise had long believed that Velma was a lesbian, but it had never been confirmed on screen.

The producers of previous series and films had already left many clues to indicate that Velma was queer, but the studios had so far never agreed to make him an openly LGBT character.

In 2020, Tony Cervone, for example, posted an image of Velma on Instagram with another female character, on a rainbow flag background, on Pride Day.

“We tried to be as clear as we could ten years ago,” the series creator wrote on social media. Scooby Doo: Associated Mysteriesaired between 2010 and 2013.

“Most of our fans have understood. For the others, I suggest you take a closer look,” he added.

The new film’s director, Audie Harrison, told NPR public radio that he doesn’t expect the confirmation of Velma’s sexual affinity to be “very groundbreaking.”

“I just tried to have fun with a comedy about an awkward teenage crush,” he explained. “That being said, it’s really good to be part of the normalization of representations, especially with a franchise as well known as Scooby Doo

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