News Screams and insults: the tense reunion of Fiama and...

Screams and insults: the tense reunion of Fiama and Álex


«The island of temptations» was presented to the average spectator as the test that their five main partners had to overcome to prove that their love was real. What they did not know is that, if a study could be based on the adaptations that preceded it, the chances of success are quite low. The members of the couples were confused by the night (like Dinio), the singles and the alcohol provided by the program team. Of the five, only two returned home together, and one of them with a “but.” Jose was able to ask Adelina to marry in front of all of Spain, while Álex had to accept that his girl, Fiama, said that “the wedding we will see.”

The good (or bad) thing about “The island of temptations” being recorded last summer is that we know that each story has an end. This Thursday Telecinco offered a reunion of its protagonists six months later. The average viewer noted this appointment in their calendars to discover how the relationship between Fani and Christofer had evolved, who, according to the magazines of the heart, are still together. Or not? The truth is that Fiama and Álex managed to take away the prominence (at least for now).

As Instagram advanced well, Alex stopped crying for Fiama a long time ago. He is very excited about his new girlfriend, but has not yet asked for marriage. Perhaps he is waiting for the hurricane “temptation” to pass. But for hurricane, Fiama. The Canary appeared in front of Monica Naranjo to recognize that she had tried with Alex, but that the thing had not gone well. Little by little, after the successful questions of the singer, she let go and started talking about her ex-partner as if it were her worst enemy. The problem? Each one has a very different version of what happened.

She claims to be the one who kicked him. He too. “I intended it to be a normal and quiet encounter,” Fiama shouted at an Alex trying to escape from that reunion. “I’ve loved you so much,” he added. The extronist did not want to see his girl again. «I have nothing more to say. I don’t have to go through this one, ”he acknowledged on camera before the meeting. But, once again, the Orange tree acted as a serum of truth and got things told to the face.

Fiama’s tone resembled that of a “Save Me” Tertullian than one of “The Mornings.” «This is what happens when you’re not right. You try to win based on screams, ”said Alex. «What I am not going to bear is that you lie to me. Stop counting everything backwards, ”he replied. Finally, the truth came to light. It was Fiama who left Alex, but because he was caught “fooling around with his ex-boyfriend over the phone.”

It seems that the one who was the boy of Alex already, with a new girlfriend, cares little at all what his outcast does. But maybe now, after this «The Island of Temptations: Six Months Later», Fiama does not worry, who, coincidentally, met up with Joy (bouquets of flowers included). .


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