search of Jean-Claude Marcourt’s home

A search of the home of the president of the Walloon parliament Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS) took place on Friday afternoon in Liège, as part of the Nethys affair, said the prosecutor general of Liège Mr. De Valkeneer on Friday evening. Another search took place hours earlier at the president’s offices, located at the Walloon Parliament in Namur.

The examining magistrate M. Frenay and the prosecutor general of Liège M. De Valkeneer carried out a search on Friday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. at the private home of the socialist M. Marcourt, cited as one of the decision-makers at the time in the Nethys folder. “These searches were carried out in the context of the Nethys file relating to the compensation awarded to certain managers,“the Attorney General explained to the Belga agency on Friday evening.

A few hours earlier, another search concerning the same file took place in the Walloon parliament, in particular in the offices of the socialist president. Mr De Valkeneer added that everything went smoothly and without any incident: “The searches were carried out with the perfect collaboration of President Marcourt and the services of the Walloon Parliament and its clerk.

Interview “the real decision-makers”

On January 27, Me Buyle, lawyer for Pol Heyse, one of the accused in the case, announced to the press that he had asked “that new people are questioned, that is to say the real decision-makers, the politicians who were there when the decisions were taken since it appears that most of the decisions we are talking about were validated, suggested and recommended by various policies in the Liège region.“The lawyer did not mention any names, however.

Among the other decision-makers cited in the case, the name of Daniel Bacquelaine (MR), the provincial president of the MR in Liège is mentioned. The Liberal denies any involvement. “I don’t see their strategy very well, they try to shift the responsibility onto others,“he explained on January 28 to the Belga agency. He also said he was ready to collaborate with the investigators.

Mr. Marcourt and Mr. Bacquelaine are named as the “invisible hands“in the Nethys case, an expression used on several occasions to designate the political leaders who validated the decisions taken within the nebula of Liège inter-municipal.

The case is ongoing and new people should be heard by the Liège justice in the coming weeks.

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