Searching the Depths: The Hunt for the Ocean Gate Titan Probe

2023-06-22 11:49:20

St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada) ∙ The robotic probe ‘Victor 6000’ has arrived in the rescue area to search for the ‘Ocean Gate Titan’ probe that went into the deep sea to view the Titanic. Victor 6000 is one of the most popular underwater search robotic probes. It can search at depths of up to 19,600 feet (6000 meters). Teams of two pilots will monitor Victor’s movements and trajectories in four shifts from the control room of the sea-going vessel. In addition to these, a third person will be there to help. He will be an employee of the Canadian Coast Guard or the Ocean Gate Titan. The Victor 6000’s lights and cameras deliver real-time images of the seabed to the control room.

Victor 6000 is connected by a cable to the mother ship 8 km away. This ship will provide the electricity Victor needs. So Victor can search as deep as he wants. Victor also has arrangements to disconnect these cables if necessary. Apart from the Victor, the rescue team also has other equipment that can help in searching down to a depth of six thousand feet.

The US Coast Guard said the vessel had less than three hours of oxygen left to sustain life. Hence the relentless effort to find the probe is on.

But the search will take time and time is not in our hands, said Dr. Rob Larter, researcher of the British Antarctic Survey. “It is a tough situation but hope is not lost. Be confident as long as possible. Ships in the open ocean cannot detect Titan using sonar (a technology that uses sound waves to see underwater). Because Titan is very small. That’s why robotic probes like Victor are used. But every move takes time, but time is what we don’t have,” he said.

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A Canadian P-3 aircraft using a sonar buoy system received the sound from the sea bottom yesterday afternoon. Now the investigation is around that. It is reported that this noise is repeated every 30 minutes. That is the hope for the search team. An intensive search continues involving the Canadian and French navies and the US Coast Guard. The ship Deep Energy and two C-130 aircraft of the Coast Guard are scouring the sea.

The US company’s ‘Ocean Gate Titan’ probe, which went into the deep sea to see the Titanic, lost contact with the parent ship Polar Prince at 3.30 pm Indian time on Sunday. Hamish Harding, the British businessman and chairman of Action Aviation Company in Dubai, Shahzada Dawood, the billionaire and vice chairman of Engro, a multinational company based in Karachi, Pakistan, and his son Sulaiman, the pilot of the probe, French citizen Paul Henri Narsale, and Stockton Rush, the founder and CEO of Ocean Gate Company, are in the probe.

English Summary: More deep-sea search equipment joins hunt for Titan

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