Season 4 does not start until January and will address Corona

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Sources: Deadline, Us Weekly, FOX Broadcasting

The 2020/2021 TV season has started with the first series of returns for US television stations NBC, ABC and CBS, but two of the five main networks, FOX and The CW, will wait until next year to bring their series back or to launch new series. After all, several series should start right in January. FOX already has the new seasons of “9-1-1: Notruf LA”, “9-1-1: Lone Star”, “Prodigal Son” and “Atlanta Medical” (OT: “The Resident”) announced for January 2021, but without announcing the exact start dates. The shooting of the new seasons of all four series is already underway.

Since it is currently impossible to produce a series from the environment of hospitals, doctors and first aiders without addressing the omnipresent Covid-19 pandemic. The makers of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Seattle Firefighters”, “The Good Doctor” and “New Amsterdam” have already announced that they will incorporate the pandemic into their series, and they will “Atlanta Medical” and both “9-1-1”-Series from FOX also do. At “Lone Star” even the new character of Gina Torres will be introduced into the action by means of a corona storyline.

Atlanda Medical “ The season opener will deal with the beginnings of the pandemic in the USA, when many hospitals still lacked the necessary protective equipment and ventilators. This has been confirmed by series co-creator Amy Holden Jones. But in the further course of the series, Covid will continue to play a role as long as the topic remains relevant in our world – probably for quite a long time. She explained: (from English)

Our season opener is about the early days of the pandemic, and focuses on our heroic doctors and nurses who risk their lives every day. Unfortunately, there will be long-term after-effects of Covid-19 even after we have a vaccine, and we will show that too.

Her stories are moving, profound and tragic, and they keep piling up to this day. We hope to soon share what we have learned.

The show’s writing team includes several real medical professionals, and two of them, Daniela Lamas and Eric Lu, co-wrote the Covid-centered season premiere.

The third “Alanta Medical”-Season ended three episodes earlier than planned due to the industry-wide corona shutdown. In contrast to series like “Riverdale”, becomes “Atlanta Medical” Do not just add the unproduced episodes to the beginning of the fourth season, precisely because Corona has been added as an acute topic. Instead, according to series producer Todd Harthan, some large parts of the story will remain intact, but others have been rewritten.

The strained workforce at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital will grow in Season 4. Takes an important recurring role Conrad Ricamora (Picture above from “How to Get Away with Murder”). He will be Dr. Portray Jake Wong, a handsome gay plastic surgeon and amateur singer and songwriter in his spare time. Jake was Dr. Bell’s (Bruce Greenwood) stepson, but their relationship ended badly when Bell divorced his mother.

In Germany, season 3 of the series is currently being broadcast as a German premiere on Wednesday evenings on ProSieben. There are three in the stream “Atlanta Medical”-Sales for the subscribers of Joyn.

The very first brief impressions of the fourth “Atlanta Medical”-Season as well as the three other FOX series mentioned above, which are due to return in January, can be found in the video below:

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