Season finale 2020 in Portimao! The races of all classes

12:44 pm

Moto3: Fernandez wins, Arenas is world champion

With a lead of almost six seconds, Raul Fernandez crossed the finish line as the sovereign winner. Dennis Foggia and Jeremy Alcoba secure the remaining podium places. Sergio Garcia missed the podium half a second behind and finished fourth.

In the end, a twelfth place is enough for Albert Arenas to take the title. Tony Arbolino is fifth, but is four points behind in the table. Ai Ogura finished eighth and fell back to third in the World Championship.

12:40 p.m.

Moto3: who will be world champion?

The last lap is a tough fight. Arenas takes some blows. He stayed seated, but dropped back to twelfth place. Arbolino and Ogura are a few places ahead of him. Will Arenas keep it cool and bring the title home?

12:38 pm

Moto3: Another crash

Now Suzuki has also crashed, he was in fifth place, which Binder is now inheriting. But he has already lost touch with his pursuers. Behind Fernandez, Foggia, Alcoba and Garcia make the podium among themselves.

12:36 pm

Moto3: Masia out of the race

His race to catch up is not rewarded: Masia fell in Turn 8 and a possible podium place was gone. Fernandez, Foggia and Alcoba are ahead. Suzuki, Garcia and Arbolino are still within striking distance of the podium places.

What is Arenas doing: After a close duel against Ogura, he is eighth again, but is a second behind.

12:34 pm

Moto3: The last five laps

After their long lap penalties, Foggia and Masia have shown an impressive race to catch up and are in second and third place with five laps to go. Fernandez is still in the lead by a large margin.

Alcoba, Suzuki, Garcia and Arbolino line up behind. Now Arenas is fighting with Binder and Ogura for the last top 10 places.

12:31 pm

Moto3: Arenas vs. Tree

World Cup leader Arenas is currently going backwards. Not only Foggia and Masia are past him, Arbolino also attacks him, but Arenas defends in the battle for seventh place. The duel takes time, the next opponents are already a second away.

12:27 p.m.

Moto3: Leopard on the rise

Foggia and Masia continue to catch up. You are now fifth and sixth and are putting pressure on World Cup leader Arenas, who is in fourth place. His title competitor Ogura has fallen back to ninth place, including behind Arbolino.

12:24 p.m.

Moto3: Second chasing group

The first group of chasers gets visitors, because Foggia has closed the gap and has team-mate Masia and other drivers in their luggage. The fight for the remaining podium places is now getting really exciting again.

12:21 p.m.

Moto3: In a league of its own

Nobody can come close to keeping up with the pace of the leader. At the halfway point of the race, Fernandez is almost eight seconds ahead of the rest – a rare sight in Moto3. There are still many laps to complete, but it is hard to imagine that he will be overtaken like a week ago with the large cushion.

Further back, Masia and Foggia breathe second air after their penalties and attack Arbolino, who falls back to eleventh place.

12:17 pm

Moto3: pursuers close together

Fernandez drives by far the fastest laps and has expanded his cushion to five (!) Seconds after eight laps. The chasing group behind is still close together. It consists of Alcoba, Arenas, Garcia, Öncü, Sasaki, Suzuki and Ogura. Arbolino is a further three seconds behind in ninth place.

12:14 pm

Moto3: Arbolino in den Top 10

The skirmish of the pursuers plays into Fernandez’s cards. His lead grows and grows. Arbolino has now fought his way up to eleventh place and gained two more positions after the two Leopard pilots completed their second long lap penalty.

12:11 pm

Moto3: intermediate result

Five laps have been completed and Fernandez is one and a half seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Masia and Foggia have started their sentences and dropped to the bottom of the top 10.

Arenas is second ahead of Alcoba, Ogura ,, Öncü, Garcia, Suzuki and Sasaki. There is a bigger gap behind.

12:09 pm

Moto3: Position battles with the pursuers

Fernandez’s lead grows while the pursuers stand in each other’s way. Now Masia is also involved. He duels with Arenas and takes second place for the time being. But we remember: He still has to take a long lap penalty.

12:06 pm

Moto3: Arenas is making up places

Arenas grabbed Suzuki and attacked Ogura at the end of the second lap to take second place. Fernandez continues to set the pace in the front. He is already a few tenths ahead.

12:04 p.m.

Moto3: Status after lap one

Everyone gets through the first round well. Fernandez is ahead, Ogura and Suzuki keep up, Arenas also stays fourth. Alcoba, Sasaki, Masia, Öncü, Garcia and Foggia round off the top 10. Arbolino has already made up eleven places and is 16.

12:03 p.m.

Moto3: the start

Pole setter Fernandez wins the holeshot and holds the lead. Suzuki and Ogura line up behind. Arenas is also making up places and is fourth.

Rodrigo stalled his Honda on the grid. He chases after the field from the pit lane.

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