Seasonal flu. 300,000 doses of Vaxigrip in pharmacies from next week

The national 2021/2022 seasonal flu vaccination campaign should kick off next week. This year, 300,000 doses of Vaxigrip will be made available to the private market (pharmacies and wholesalers).

With a few days of delay, the vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu should finally start during the next week, according to an authorized source. Indeed, it generally lasts from October to February. Like last year, the quadrivalent Vaxigrip, namely the Vaxigrip Tetra, will be released on the national market for the second year in a row.

For the Ministry of Health, containing the new coronavirus will also require good management of the seasonal flu epidemic. In this context of a pandemic, some health professionals were even surprised at the delay in launching the campaign. Each year, between 250,000 and 650,000 people die from seasonal influenza worldwide, while it affects 3 to 5 million people per year across the planet. In Morocco, in addition to the 300,000 doses that will be put on the private market, another 250,000 will be through the public market (Ministry of Health and Institut Pasteur).

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According to Sanofi Pasteur, which supplies the Moroccan market (by responding via its historical partner, the Institut Pasteur in Morocco to an annual call for tenders launched by the Ministry of Health), the quadrivalent influenza vaccine has many advantages, in particular a extended protection compared to trivalent vaccines, optimal protection when the two B Co lines circulate simultaneously during the same season, better adaptation to the epidemiological evolution, not to mention the substantial benefits in terms of public health such as the reduction of influenza cases , deaths and hospitalizations …

As a reminder, the WHO recommends annual vaccination for populations at risk such as pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy, children from 6 months to 5 years old, the elderly (greater than or equal to 65 years), people suffering from chronic illnesses but also health workers (doctors, nurses, etc.).

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According to Sanofi Pasteur, vaccination can be done throughout the vaccination campaign (October to January), including during the peak of the epidemic, but it is preferable to be vaccinated in the fall, before the start of the epidemic. , and as soon as the new vaccine becomes available, to protect against the winter epidemic. Seasonal epidemics occur mainly during the winter, from October to March in the Northern Hemisphere. What about the public price of the vaccine? It will be marketed in pharmacies at a price of 125.30 DH.

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