Seasonal flu justify containment?

FAKE OFF – On social networks, some Internet users denounce the health measures taken by the government to fight the Covid-19 when, according to them, the seasonal flu is just as serious. A biased reasoning

“Every winter in France, the flu leads many patients into intensive care, and nobody ever had the idea of to confine the population, to make the vaccine compulsory, or to declare a state of health emergency, ”denounces an Internet user in a particularly viral tweet published a few days ago. To support his remarks, the author of the tweet accompanies his message with a graph that lists the number of patients admitted to intensive care due to influenza between 2014 and 2019. There are figures that may seem impressive.

But then, why the health policy to fight against flu was it not the same as that set up for the Covid-19 ? This is the question many people ask themselves who find that the measures taken by the government are “unjustified”.


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