Seasonal national fish ‘flatfish’…what is its effect?

Flatfish was once a high-class fish and boasted a very expensive ransom. However, with the development of aquaculture technology and the successful farming of flatfish, flatfish has become the most popular fish to the extent that it is now called the national raw fish dish. Let’s find out about the efficacy of flatfish, which Koreans love regardless of gender and age.

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High protein, low fat, perfect for diet
The season for wild flounder is from the end of October, when autumn begins in earnest, to the end of January, when the cold weather is in full swing. At this time, flatfish are actively feeding in preparation for the spawning season in spring, so they are fat and rich in fat, so they taste the best.

Flounder is a high-protein, low-fat white fish that contains almost no sugar. The fat content is 3.7g per 100g, about twice as high as flounder, and protein accounts for more than 20% of the total weight. Calories are also low at 103 to 124 kcal per 100 g, so even those who are very concerned about weight management can enjoy it without any burden.

Effective in preventing obesity and adult diseases
Flatfish is rich in essential amino acids such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine, which are effective for muscle building, and ingredients that help relieve fatigue, such as citric acid. It also contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin D (18ug per 100g), so it is excellent for children’s growth, preventing osteoporosis, and improving immunity.

Flounder’s lipids are rich in omega-3, an unsaturated fatty acid, which is effective in preventing obesity and adult diseases. In particular, there are a lot of EPA and IPA, which inhibit platelet aggregation, and help smooth blood circulation by reducing bad cholesterol levels and neutral fat in the blood. It also has the effect of stabilizing blood pressure, so it is good for preventing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. In 2017, through its own research, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries discovered for the first time in the world a substance that inhibits angiotensin 1-converting enzyme (ACE), a substance that causes blood vessel constriction in the muscle protein of flatfish.

In addition, flatfish has a powerful antioxidant called glutathione, which is very effective in removing active oxygen in the body, which is one of the main culprits of aging. It is also rich in collagen, vitamin B12, and cobalamin, which is good for improving skin elasticity and protecting eyesight.

How to buy and store flounder

First, it is fresh with a smooth surface and reddish white flesh.

Second, choose ones that do not have lumpy eggs protruding from the belly, and avoid dull ones because they are old.

Third, remove the flesh of the trimmed flounder, sprinkle it with salt, flour, and pepper, wrap it in plastic wrap, and freeze it.

Fourth, don’t throw away the bones, put them in a container, cover them with plastic wrap and freeze them, and then use them in stews such as Maeuntang to make a cool soup.

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