Seattle: Police Clear “Autonomous Zone” – At least 13 arrests

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Police are clearing “autonomous zone” in Seattle

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The police have started evacuating

The police have started evacuating

Quelle: AP / Aron Ranen

There have already been several violent incidents in the area: the Seattle police have cleared an “autonomous zone”. It was created during the protests against racism and police violence.

DThe police say they have started to dissolve the “autonomous zone” in Seattle. The area was created in the wake of protests against racism and police violence. Police officers in full protective gear entered the area in the morning, removing barricades and tents.

“The Seattle police force will be in the area this morning, enforcing the mayor’s orders,” the police tweeted early Wednesday morning (local time). The agency then reported at least 23 arrests of people who did not want to leave the area voluntarily.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the dissolution of the “autonomous zone”, where the police are not welcome, about a week ago. It was time to restore order. The area was cleared after several violent incidents – at least two people were killed and three seriously injured, police said.

At least 23 people who did not want to leave the “autonomous zone” voluntarily were arrested

Source: AFP / David Ryder

Demonstrators had occupied several streets in downtown Seattle near the Capitol in early June; the police pulled out of a guard there.

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US President Donald Trump is a thorn in the side of the situation. He accused Durkan and the governor of Washington State of inactivity and has repeatedly called for them to regain control of the city.

The decision to dissolve came after there were several shootings in the autonomous zone in which two teenagers were killed. “What happened here (…) is lawless and brutal and simply unacceptable,” said police chief Best. She supported peaceful demonstrations. “But enough is enough. Our job is to protect and serve the community. ”

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