Sebastián Villa could be summoned by Reinaldo Rueda to the Colombian National Team | The coach puts conditions on the Boca Juniors player | Colombia selection

The name of Sebastián Villa has caused and continues to cause controversy, both in Boca Juniors and in the Colombian National Team. The player is still involved in a case of gender violence, as his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, denounced him for assault, and the Argentine justice has not yet ruled on the matter.

However, the winger returned to play at his club and was close to being called to the National Team by Carlos Queiroz; And when it was leaked that the former Colombian coach had it in his plans for the Qualifiers, a scandal broke out in the country for calling a player who is in the middle of a legal process for an alleged assault on a woman.

On the case, Reinaldo Rueda spoke. He did it in conversation with ‘Noticias Caracol’, as they asked him if he would summon Villa despite his judicial problem, being in a good football moment.

The coach assured that “it is a specific situation, which will be evaluated in due course. In two months, situations change a lot. To the extent that each player in his time and his social behavior is distinguished with that merit of being in the national team, welcome ”.

And it is that Rueda thinks differently from Queiroz, who in the past said that he would measure Villa only by his sports performance, because he wanted the best for the National Team and was not a judge. For his part, Reinaldo thinks that the players who represent his country should have an unblemished resume and stay away from controversies and scandals.

“I think that all the players, as social referents, have a commitment that they must take care of and even more so when they are a National Team player. So everything will be evaluated and determined at the appropriate time, ”said Rueda Rivera.


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