Sebastián Villa: Daniela Cortés is accused of robbery

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The news about the scandal that has to do with Sebastián Villa and his alleged physical abuse towards Daniela Cortés, the player’s ex-partner, do not stop. Now it is Gabriel Fortés, one of the Colombian’s agents who works with Rodrigo Riep and Martín Macazaga, who refers to what was happening between the couple.

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Fortés went beyond the complaints that have already been known against Daniela. The businessman referred to an alleged theft of the ex-partner against Boca Juniors footballer.

“We arrived at Sebastián’s house, He kept the million pesos (Argentine), I left, and he had to do the operation the next day (to buy a car). Then, speaking with Martín and Rodrigo (the representatives), They tell me that he was missing 400,000 pesos and that Daniela had taken them, that he went to Colombia that night, “ Fortés said.

It should be remembered that in past statements the defense of Sebastian Villa He also mentioned that the woman used to steal money from the player and threatened him in different ways. This joins what Gabriel Fortés said.

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At the moment the case has not been resolved yet. Boca Juniors, Colombian footballer’s club, is awaiting any determination of the Argentine justice to decide whether Villa leaves the club or not.



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