Sébastien, fired after testing positive for Covid-19

“I’m so ashamed of losing my job that I haven’t told my 4 year old daughter yet! “Three months after being dismissed for serious misconduct by the Office HLM M2A in Mulhouse, Sébastien Klem remains traumatized:” I suffered a triple damage: financial, the feeling of guilt and being treated as a criminal in the public square by my former employer “.

If the former claims manager was dismissed from his post last August, it is because he would have “run a risk” to his former colleagues. At issue: a Covid-19 screening test carried out by Sébastien Klem in the parking lot of a supermarket on July 16. “I was coming back from a meeting with tenants. On the way back, I saw this free service. I stopped for 5 minutes to do the PCR test out of curiosity, ”says the 40-year-old. After returning to work, Sébastien is warned at the end of the day by the laboratory that he is positive for Covid-19.

“Irresponsible behavior”

“I immediately warned my supervisor who himself warned management,” recalls the former employee. The next day, Eric Peter, CEO of M2A Habitat asks all colleagues who work on the same floor as Sébastien Klem to “stay at home for 7 days”. An isolation that this separated father respects for 14 days before going on summer vacation.

On his return from leave, the inhabitant of Richwiller (Haut-Rhin) is summoned to a prior dismissal interview. During this meeting which “will last nine minutes with a watch in hand”, the director of human resources of the Office HLM notifies Sébastien that he behaved “irresponsibly” and that he violated “his safety obligation. “.

Clearly, the 41-year-old Alsatian is accused of having carried out a screening test during his working hours and then having returned to his post. If the management and the lawyer of M2A Habitat did not respond to our requests, the general manager declared on France 3 Alsace on October 2: “We do not do a screening, if we have no suspicion. We don’t play with people’s lives ”!

A slight cough the days before the test

Sébastien Klem admits to having had “a slight cough in the days preceding the test. I did not have any other symptoms. This is also confirmed by a medical certificate. “The only fault I admit is having carried out this test during my working hours. But remember at the time, the government encouraged all French people to get tested, ”he explains.

Failing to reach an amicable agreement with the Office HLM de Mulhouse during the conciliation hearing before the Prud’hommes to be held this Tuesday, Sébastien Klem intends to “go through with the procedure to wash my honor” .

For his defender, Maître Stéphane Thomann, “justice will have to decide between respect for medical confidentiality and the obligation to protect colleagues in the event of a contagious disease. However, I am very optimistic. “The lawyer will plead the nullity of the dismissal and will claim 10,000 euros in compensation for dismissal proceedings” without real and serious cause “.

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