Second corona wave of the pandemic: Sick people report

Dr. Dr. Saskia Biskup, 48 years

Do you know where you got it?

I got infected from my husband. He doesn’t know where he got infected. Probably at a major event at the beginning of March, which was only banned later.

How did Covid-19 manifest itself in you, what symptoms did you have?

For me it started suddenly one evening, and I had insane headaches and body aches like never before in my life. I didn’t take any medication because I wanted to see how it worked out. That lasted four or five hours, and the next morning it was all over. I didn’t have any other symptoms like fever or cough, but I spared myself a lot because I have great respect for the virus. In our closest circle of friends, we noticed how tragic the disease can be.

Dr. Dr. Saskia Bishop

Photo: Jens Steingässer

How long did it take you to get well and are you still experiencing long-term effects today?

I was in quarantine for three weeks because it took so long to get negative on the PCR test. We have a company with over 200 employees and we wanted to be sure not to infect anyone. I had no long-term effects.

How do you feel about the anti-corona measures taken in Germany?

I lack a clear strategy in many places, for example when testing. During our quarantine, my husband and I decided to take an active part in coping with the pandemic and to expand our laboratory to include acute corona diagnostics. We are now responsible for the test center at Stuttgart Airport, and we test the nursing homes and companies in Tübingen. We also have more test capacity, but are not allowed to bill private individuals with symptoms through the health insurance companies. And elsewhere, laboratories are completely overloaded and people don’t get a test. It just can’t be. It is foreseeable that the situation will get worse again and I would like to see better use of the resources available. I also don’t understand that the health authorities are no longer receiving support, that the app is not working properly, and in principle I would like to see uniform rules.

Karl-Eugen Dorner, 72 years

1. Do you know where you got it?

Probably on a skiing holiday at the end of February in the Dolomites.

2. How did Covid-19 manifest itself in you, what symptoms did you have?


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