Second division pyro & riot: did it explode because of this bomb logo? – Bundesliga

In the basement duel of the second division, St. Pauli and Dresden split goalless 0-0. But after that it really rattled …

After the final whistle, some Dresden fans climbed out of their guest block and fought with folders that stood in their way. The police pushed the dynamo chaots back, apparently using pepper spray.

The Dresden Chaots then fired a rocket that crashed back into the Pauli block from the stadium roof. Several files were injured in the riots and had to be treated by paramedics.

Striking: More and more police officers flocked towards the guest exit to the main street next to the stadium.

Tasteless: Pauli fans are said to have made these stickers before the game. Instead of the Dresden logo, they show a falling bomb, the lettering below looks burned. An allusion to the bombing of Dresden in 1945.

Photos of this tasteless logo circulated at least on the Internet …

The Zoff between the two fan camps has a history. Last year, the Dresdeners completely destroyed the away block at Millerntor. Two years ago, supporters of St. Pauli held up a two-part banner when Hamburg won 2-0.

► Part 1: “Look over there where you still plow the fields with horses, cordially invite you to their marches and torchlight procession!” Clear words against budding fascism and the Pegida movement in Dresden.

► Part 2: “Your grandparents were already burning for Dresden. Against the Doitian victim myth “. A tasteless allusion to Dresden’s destruction in World War II.

St. Pauli apologized at the time: “Even if FC St. Pauli (…) expressly welcomes and demands a critical handling of German history, a limit has been exceeded with the words on the banner, but the dead are there the air strikes on Dresden mocked. “

Now the next escalation between the hostile fan camps …


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