Second Frisian patient (80+) died from coronavirus – Friesland

A second Frisian patient has died from the effects of the coronavirus, the GGD reports Thursday afternoon in the daily update. It is a man in his eighties from the municipality of Heerenveen.

The GGD does not reveal anything about the deceased for privacy reasons. The first Frisian deceased was a man in his eighties, who was on a ventilator in the MCL in Leeuwarden.

In addition, 16 Frisian residents have been tested positive for the corona virus since Wednesday. GGD Fryslân is currently conducting contact investigations, whether or not in collaboration with the hospital involved.

The GGD does not test everyone, which means that more people are infected with the coronavirus than the number that is communicated daily. Only vulnerable people and people who work in healthcare are tested.


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