Second stage of increases in prepaid medicine services: increase of 9%

Starting next month and by virtue of an agreement of the national government with companies in the sector.

In a second stage of the increases authorized by the national government, the prepaid medicine companies will carry out, as of September, a rise of 9% in the services they provide to their affiliates.

According to what is established in relation to increases in prepaid medicine services, one more will be executed in October and the last one from January 1, 2022. For the first month of next year, the total increase will be 41%, if it is counted from the month of August, when the first of these increases took place.

“In the current delicate context of unprecedented health emergency, the role and the fundamental care function played by health providers cannot be ignored, through the direct care of beneficiaries and users, both health insurance agents and health insurance agents. prepaid medical entities ”, he stated.

“When observing the variation in health costs, it is necessary to consider the higher costs of the sector and the valuable and necessary investment that providers have had to make to face the pandemic and avoid the collapse of the health system,” it was observed.


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