Second Universal Family Bond of S / 760 soles will begin to be paid in October | MIDIS | Universal Bonus | Independent Bonus | Rural Bond | Bonus I stay at home | Coronavirus Peru

There is already a date. During the first week of October the second round of payment of S / 760 bonds. This was announced by the president, Martín Vizcarra.

While the first bonds, like the I stay at home Voucher, Rural Voucher, Independent Voucher and Universal Bond benefited more than 7 and a half million of homes, this second installment will reach more families.

According to the president the beneficiaries will be 8 million 400 thousand, This is because the quarantine has been longer than expected.

“That is, those who have already received bonds plus some additional homes they are part of this group. This September, all the administrative procedures are finished, and the second bonus is begins to deliver in the first week of October“.

How much will be invested in the second installment?

Vizcarra pointed out that the investment in this new delivery is S / 6 billion.


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