Second warmest November in 140 years

The clearest temperature deviations were found in Alaska, in large parts of the USA, but also in Northern Europe. The values ​​from the Antarctic are particularly dramatic.

According to the US climate agency NOAA, last November was the second warmest in the world since records began in 1880. The temperature NOAA said it was about 0.97 degrees Celsius above the 20th century average of 12.9 degrees.

Accordingly, only November 2015 was warmer, when the temperatures were 1.01 degrees higher. All ten of the warmest November on record have been recorded since 2004, and the five warmest have been recorded since 2013.

NOAA recorded the most significant temperature deviations in Alaska, large parts of the USA, Northern Europe, Northern Asia and Australia. In western Antarctica the temperatures were 3.0 degrees Celsius above average.


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