Second wave of COVID-19: Eduardo Gotuzzo spoke out against reintroducing the coronavirus quarantine nndc | PERU

Updated on 01/24/2021 08:24 pm

The infectious disease doctor Eduardo Gotuzzo was against the re-implementation of a total quarantine in Peru as a measure to stop the advance of the second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In dialogue with the Political Agenda program, the specialist stressed that compulsory confinement generates “more family transmission”, affects people’s mental health and creates more informality in the labor sector.

Quarantine for me is a situation of dire necessity at very high points. What quarantines do is promote more family transmission, they produce more anguish, more depression, more anxiety, more aggression and, finally, a growing mass of informal workers is created. We close their businesses and let them go to the streets to survive “, he expressed.

In contrast, Gotuzzo proposed to strengthen the primary level of medical care and prevent people from self-medicating. In addition, he stressed that citizens with probable symptoms of COVID-19 must keep isolation in their homes without the need for their diagnosis to be confirmed with a test.

He also proposed that a community oxygen network be implemented to prevent people arriving in serious condition at hospitals.


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