Secondary Vocational College” Weiquan Dragons’ inspection status is not transparent, there may be doubts about epidemic prevention-Free Sports

Wei Quanlong has not released the PCR test results, nor the new quick screening results. From the perspective of his team, there may be doubts about epidemic prevention. . (File photo, photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Taoyuan Report]Before the match between the Weiquan Dragons and CITIC Brothers on the 27th, because 6 team staff members tested positive for quick screening, the league decided to postpone the game for insurance purposes. The regulations of the “Games” were revised, and the Weiquan Dragons and CITIC Brothers games will be played normally from the next day. However, at present, the Dragons have not released the PCR test results, and the new quick screening results have not been released. From the perspective of other teams, there may be doubts about epidemic prevention.

The CITIC Brothers have just played 2 games against the Weiquan Dragons, and the Lotte Taoyuan is expected to play against the Dragons tomorrow. Under the condition that the results of the Dragons’ epidemic investigation are not transparent, before the game between Taoyuan and the brothers today, the players of the two teams talked about Helong. Team games, all admitted that they were a little worried.

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Lin Weizhu, head coach of CITIC Brothers, said that at this stage, the league’s epidemic prevention measures are followed, and the team also requires players to do what they want. The mechanism is mainly based on the execution of the game and avoids causing panic.

According to the current regulations of the secondary vocational school, if the team has a confirmed diagnosis or a short list, it may not be made public, and another player from the second army will be arranged to replace the game. However, after the outbreak of the epidemic in the team, the Dragons only confirmed that 11 players were listed the next day, and no number has been updated since then.

After the 27th, after 2 regular games, until today, the Dragons still “can’t read back” about the epidemic situation within the team. After a long time of questions from the media, the Dragons finally responded, and once again announced through grassroots public relations. The total number of staff in the home isolation team is 21, of which 16 are players. As for the postponement of the Dragons’ match scheduled for tomorrow, the league has only received the information due to the synchronization, and the league is currently holding a meeting to confirm.

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