Secret Story | Alatzne saved and the first quilt in ‘Secret story’

The contestant from Gipuzkoa was the least voted by the audience in a gala in which the twins messed it up again and Elena and Alberto messed up under the sheets

Joseba Fiestras

“I’m mentally strong, but I feel like I don’t fit in,” Alatzne lamented when he saw that several of his teammates turned their backs on him in ‘Secret story’. The Basque was nominated and the sentence added anguish. “I’m out of place, but I don’t want to leave here and I’ll keep trying to do my best,” she promised excitedly. Toñi Moreno announced minutes later that she was the one chosen by the audience to get off the blacklist. Carmen, Héctor and Álvaro continue to be at risk of expulsion. The Gipuzkoan thanked the gesture and showed elegance by encouraging those who are still on the tightrope.

They have only been in the contest for a few days, but love has already knocked on the door of some. Elena and Alberto have been the stars of the first quilt of the edition. The barista had already made his intentions clear from almost the first day, but she let herself be loved. After many ‘cobras’ and frustrated attempts to approach, the Sevillian gave up. “I have gotten some important hot flashes, but I am holding back,” he told her before giving her the first kiss. The bed was his next destination. “They have raised the cameras up and they are screwing,” Carmen said with great finesse when she saw the lovebirds under the sheets. “I like you a lot and I think you’re very pretty,” complimented the coffee specialist while she, blushing, accepted the compliment and returned it with the hackneyed “me too.”

As usually happens in ‘realities’, it is enough for a couple to decide to join for others to bet on separating them. “It doesn’t smell like love, it smells like a folder,” criticized one of the twins after putting her nose close to the neighboring cot. There are several who think that this is a montage and do not give respite to the couple who ignores the rest and spends their time carantoñas.

Let’s go with the conflicts. The thing about the twins is crazy, when they don’t fight with others, they get into a fight with each other. “Papagayo”, “Prepotent” or “selfish” were some of the compliments that were dedicated in one of his pot trips. Nothing happens, a brotherly hug fixes everything. With the rest the strategy does not work. They have Elena between eyebrows. «She is the witch of the net curtain and it does not even reach my knees. I stand out for my personality and I notice that he envies me, “Laila assured. Colchero, who was listening to her philosophize, spoke wisely: «I don’t think he envies you, I think he can’t stand you». Why give more thought to the matter?

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