Secretary of Health, Carlos Humberto Orozco


Manizales entered this Wednesday on the first day of the red alert for the occupation of ICU beds due to the increase in cases of covid-19 that is experiencing its peak in the city. There are six Intensive Care Units (ICU) that are in this state when registering an occupancy percentage higher than 85%.

The municipal Health Secretary, Carlos Humberto Orozco, explains that on Tuesday night there was a saturation behavior of the ICUs. Among the six reported with 85% are included two that were at 100%. At the same time, there was saturation in the emergency department of an institution.

Orozco warns: “This occupation brings us back to a saturation of 80% of critical care beds. It means that we are on the first day that a red alert is experienced, leaving 48 beds free for any covid or non-covid attention “.

The official indicated that they will monitor the behavior of the pandemic to decide whether they continue on red alert or descend to orange alert.

The Ministry of Health clarified that it does not mean that the red alert has been declared in Manizales. “This only occurs when, for three consecutive days, the red alert state is repeated. That is, an ICU bed occupancy is greater than 80%.”

Manizales woke up this morning with its sixth day in a row on orange alert (more than 66%). The city is experiencing a period of acceleration of cases due to covid-19.

Since Thursday, according to the Mayor’s Office report on installed capacity in the hospital network, the city has been at this level of alert and today it experiences the first day of red.

The highest percentage of occupancy suffered on October 17 when it reached 72.30%, just in the first week of what the health authorities call peak.

In 12 days of November it has been in orange. In five days it has been in yellow (less than 66% occupancy).


The Caldas capital yesterday reported an accumulated 13 thousand 565 positive cases so far in the pandemic. In addition, 4 thousand 598 recovered. The death toll reached 187, with all three registered yesterday.

The total of confirmed cases with coronavirus in Caldas, counted its 27 municipalities, is 20,187, since April.

8,406 were recovered in the department. 11,147 active and 378 deceased, according to last night’s report from the Caldas Territorial Health Directorate.

The department, including the capital and its other 26 municipalities, also remains on an orange alert, for an ICU occupancy of 66.2%, which corresponds to 182 of the 275 available beds.

Occupancy of ICU beds in November in Manizales

November 18: 80%

November 17: 66.81%

November 16: 71.49%

November 15: 71.91%

November 14: 71.49%

November 13: 68.94%

November 12: 67.23%

November 11: 65.96%

November 10: 67.23%

November 9: 67.23%

November 8: 65.53%

November 7: 65.11%

November 6: 61.70%

November 5: 63.40%

November 4: 68.30%

November 3: 69.20

November 2: 70.5%

November 1: 68.75%


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