Secretly marries an affair, the groom is slapped by his biological mother and legitimate wife

TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM — Just a suggestion if your partner having an affair while you keep your loyalty to the death so immediately leave.

Because there is no cure for Toxic Relationship, it is better to leave than to be sick.

The head of the groom is taped by his biological mother while he is in the marriage ceremony.

Evidently, groom has been warned by a woman who is legal wife and his birth mother.

Because she didn’t listen to him, she ended up having to accept the bitter thing when her biological mother slapped her head in front of the crowd monk.

The reason is, when the monks were praying for the bride and groom, suddenly the mother and a woman ‘destroyed’ the marriage contract.

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Suddenly, the action of the two women caused a stir among the guests who attended and chose to leave the event after knowing the truth.

This incident caused quite a stir on Thursday (18/2/021) and Friday (19/2/2021) throughout Thailand.

The two women who ‘destroyed’ the marriage were none other than the birth mother and legal wife man named Saranu Mu Kawe (34).

Saranu is a police officer, working at the Mueang Chainat police station, Chainat Province, Thailand.

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