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The most prominent secrets of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Friday 20-05-2022

A parliamentary reference said that the presidency of the government is between Nawaf Salam if the American and Saudi are able to gather 25 deputies from the independents, the changers and Jumblatt, in addition to the representatives of March 14 or Abdel Rahman Al-Bizri for a government supported by the deputies of March 8, Jumblatt and a number of independents and changers. Otherwise, Mikati is charged and not authored.
• The head of a parliamentary bloc says that the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives will be Elias Bou Saab after a settlement between the Amal Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement based on the vote of half of the representatives of each of the two blocs for the other’s candidate for the posts of speaker and deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.
Major General
• The results of the parliamentary elections revealed the astonishment of a number of embassies and parties concerned with Lebanon’s situation about verified information, and diving into information based on hearing or delusion!
• A prominent party tends to dismiss the continuation of the relationship with a former minister on the background of the results of what happened before and after last Sunday?
• There is a wide debate about the real factors that led to the fall of the symbols of the entire axis, from outside the alignment of the “dual”!
• Political circles said that talking about opening a new page after May 15 suggests that there are new draft understandings in Mafraq in preparation for approaching the upcoming constitutional elections.
• A party leader contacted a senior official, conveying to him a justification from his party leader for not supporting one of the candidates with a preferential vote based on a prior agreement between them. The official replied: He beat me and cried before me and complained.
• It was noted that despite an influential party’s announcement that its party does not have a parliamentary majority, the accounts continue to sort out the representatives if they support this or that axis.

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