Security Situation in Myanmar’s Kokang Autonomous Region: Updates and Alerts

2023-12-28 16:39:00

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2023-12-29 HKT 00:39

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The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar issued an announcement stating that the recent conflicts in the Lao Cai area of ​​Kokang in northern Myanmar have continued, and the safety risks of people stranded there have escalated. Chinese citizens in the Lao Cai area are once again reminded to evacuate as soon as possible.

In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said in response that the current security situation in Myanmar’s Kokang Autonomous Region is severe and complex. China reminds Chinese citizens not to travel to northern Myanmar for the time being, and calls on Chinese citizens already there, especially in the Lao Cai area, to relocate as soon as possible. Go to a safe area or return home and take safety precautions.

Mao Ning also said that China has always believed that maintaining the momentum of ceasefire and peace talks is in the interests of all relevant parties in Myanmar and will help maintain peace on the China-Myanmar border. China hopes that relevant parties in Myanmar will exercise maximum restraint, take the initiative to ease the situation on the ground, jointly promote a soft landing in northern Myanmar, and at the same time take practical measures to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel, institutions and projects in Myanmar.

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