Sedokova confuses people with talk of divorce – Celebrities

Sedokova has shared a post on Instagram about her feelings when she wants to end a relationship.

“You had the feeling that everything? We have time to divorce? How was that saying about books and movies …” Sedokova said in the recording, without commenting on anything in detail.

In her comments, her fans rushed to ask questions about whether Sedokova was already planning to divorce her husband, but she did not respond.

The day before this recording, Sedokova near Timm’s photo, which shows him in the Latvian basketball team’s shirt, wrote in Latvian: “I am very proud of you.” To which Timma responded with a heart emotion icon.

We remind you that this is the third marriage for 37-year-old Sedokova, and the second for 28-year-old Tim.


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