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Boca Juniors vs Lanús LIVE, ONLINE and LIVE They play for FREE today Saturday, October 31, the game is played on date 1 of the Professional League Cup. The duel is scheduled for 7:15 pm (Peruvian time) at City of Lanús and will be broadcast by fanatic, TNT Sports Y Fox Sports. In addition, you will be able to follow all the live football with the incidents, minute by minute, best plays and video of the goals by

Boca Juniors vs. Lanús: minute by minute


– The game starts at 9:15 p.m. in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

– Welcome to the coverage of the match between Boca Juniors and Lanús!

Boca Juniors vs. Lanús: confirmed lineups

Boca Juniors:


Boca Juniors vs. Lanús: match history

2019-11-01 – Lanús 2-1 Boca Juniors (Argentine Championship 2019/20)

2019-02-17 – Boca Juniors 2-1 Lanús (Argentine Championship 2018/19)

2017-09-11 – Lanús 0-1 Boca Juniors (Argentine Championship 2017/18)

2016-09-29 – Lanús 2-2 (2-4 pen.) Boca Juniors (Argentine Cup 2016)

2016-08-30 – Lanús 1-0 Boca Juniors (Argentine Championship 2016/17)

2016-03-21 – Lanús 2-0 Boca Juniors (Argentine Championship 2016)

2015-10-24 – Lanús 0-2 Boca Juniors (Argentina Cup 2014/15)

2015-04-19 – Lanús 1-3 Boca Juniors (Argentine Championship 2015)

2014-12-01 – Lanús 2-2 Boca Juniors (Transition Tournament 2014)

2014-05-11 – Boca Juniors 3-1 Lanús (Final Tournament 2014)

Boca Juniors against Lanús

Boca Juniors, current monarch of Argentine soccer, starts the Professional League Cup visiting a Lanús that he has just returned to soccer activity and that possibly saves headlines thinking about the South American Cup.

Although in previous days it had been anticipated that Miguel Ángel Russo bet on his gala eleven, the DT of Boca Juniors decided to give the opportunity to players who can be important throughout the season such as Carlos Zambrano, Nicolás Capaldo and Ramón Ábila, today alternate theorists.

Agustín Rossi will be the only forced change after the undisputed Esteban Andrada suffered a strained soleus in his left leg. The curious thing is that the archer of Boca He will debut in the blue and gold jersey in front of the club where he was on loan last season.

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With the round of 16 series against Internacional only at the end of November, Russo’s decision to bet on the ownership of Zambrano The Peruvian National Team falls bareback due to the fact that the central defender arrived with a competitive rhythm to the second double date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

The other novelty in Boca Juniors It will be the clothing. The ‘Xeneize’ will premiere its third shirt, whose design pays tribute to the 80 years of La Bombonera.


Boca Juniors vs. Lanús will play for the first date of the Professional League Cup (VIDEO)

Lanús, for his part, he arrives motivated to the game in front of Boca after beating Sao Paulo agonizingly (3-2) despite seven months of inactivity in football and against a rival of such strength and who, moreover, had not lost for seven games.

Four days before the return in Sao Paulo, Luis Zubeldia seems unlikely to risk all his starters, so he would bet on a mix with substitutes and young people.

The one who does not think to lose the game against Boca is the veteran scorer José Sand, author of two goals against ‘Tricolor’. “If Zubeldia does not put me, I’ll kill him,” he said, laughing, in the previous match.

Although there are many uncertainties around the eleven that Zubeldia is going to take out, from the Argentine press they assure that the DT of Lanús I could bet on players like Ousmane N’Dong, Alexis Pérez, Facundo Quignon, Fernando Belluschi, Sand and Nicolás Orsini.

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Boca Juniors vs. Lanús: probable alignments

Boca Juniors: Rossi; Buffarini, Zambrano, Izquierdoz, Fabra; Salvio, Campuzano, Capaldo, Cardona; Tevez and Ábila.

Lanús: Morales, Di Plácido, Thaller, Burdisso, Aguirre, Pérez, Belmonte, Vera, De la Vega, Sand, Bernabei.

Boca Juniors vs. Lanús: previous record of the match

Boca Juniors vs Lanús Professional League Cup
What time will they play? 7:15 p.m. in Peru and 9:15 p.m. in Argentina
On which channel to watch the game? TNT Sports
In what stadium will they play? City of Lanús
Who will be the referee? Fernando Rapallini

Boca Juniors vs. Lanús: schedules to see the Professional League Cup

  • Perú: 7.15 p. m.
  • México: 7.15 p. m.
  • Ecuador: 7.15 p. m.
  • United States (Los Angeles): 5.15 pm
  • United States (Texas): 7.15 pm
  • United States (Miami): 8.15 pm
  • Colombia: 7.15 p. m.
  • Argentina: 9.15 p. m.
  • Spain: 1.15 am (the next day)
  • Spain (Canary Islands): 12.15 am (the next day)
  • Uruguay: 9.15 p. m.
  • Paraguay: 8.15 p. m.
  • Chile: 9.15 p. m.
  • Brasil: 8.15 p. m.
  • Bolivia: 8.15 p. m.
  • Venezuela: 8.15 p. m.
  • Canadá: 7.15 p. m.
  • Costa Rica: 6.15 pm
  • Guatemala: 6.15 p. m.
  • Honduras: 6.15 p. m.
  • El Salvador: 6.15 pm
  • Puerto Rico: 8.15 p. m.
  • Dominican Republic: 8.15 pm
  • Panamá: 7.15 p. m.
  • Italy: 1.15 am (the next day)
  • France: 1.15 am (the next day)
  • Germany: 1.15 am (the next day)
  • Portugal: 12.15 am (the next day)
  • Holland: 1.15 am (the next day)
  • England: 12.15am (the next day)

Where to watch TNT Sports LIVE Boca Juniors vs Lanús?

TV channels TNT SPORTS Availability
Antina 201 HD Land
Color Television Cable 6 SD – 61 HD Land
Telecentre Canal 207 Land
DirecTV 603 SD – 1603 HD satelite
InTV 630 HD satelite
Cablevision 124 D – 604 HD Cable
TeleRed 59 D – 129 HD Cable
Express Cablehogar 113 D – 813 HD Cable
Cabletel 214 HD Cable
Cablevideo Digital 608 HD Cable
Supercanal CTC 140 SD – 1140 HD Cable
Del Viento TV 530 HD Cable
Gigared 219 HD – 70 SD – 68 SD Cable
CCC 265 D – 1511 HD Cable
The four 625 HD Cable
Color Vision Bay 107 HD Cable
Color Television Cable 1 – 116 HD Cable
Ushuala Vision 639 HD Cable
ACV Videocable 275 HD Cable
TeleViso 1126 HD Cable
Cable 10 952 HD Cable
TV COA 110 SD – 1110 HD Cable
CPETV, Santa Rosa 555 HD Cable
TVCO General Pico 671 HD Cable
Cablevisión Flow 124 HD – 604 HD IPTV
Claro TV 121 HD IPTV
Movistar TV 250 HD IPTV
Dibox 639 HD IPTV
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