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Watch reaches its first final stage on the night of this Sunday, June 27, 2021. There are 10 contestants who, after a year of different imitations, will compete for the first place of the successful television format. In this contest, two talented Peruvians Sebastián Landa as José Feliciano and Harold Gamarra in the skin of Emmanuel will have to convince the jury with their interpretations.

I am Chile 2021 LIVE: incidents

Yo Soy Chile 2021 comes to an end and Trome brings you the ins and outs of the television show.

22:20 Luis Miguel (Ricky Santos) intones in I am chile “If you didn’t know how to love, now you can gooooo …”

22:05 Nicolás Cid dazzles with his imitation of Steve Perry. Receive praise from the jury.

21:53 A Peruvian man Harold gamarra flaunts its imitation. With the interpretation of ‘Emmanuel’ enchants the jury.

21:37 I am Ricardo Montaner! Cristian Danielle is the first impersonator to step on the stage of the grand final Yo Soy Chile.

21:20 The grand finale of I am chile Where the best imitation will be defined with 10 contestants involved, including the Peruvians Sebastián Landa and Harold Gamarra.

I am Chile 2021: previous

The reality show of imitations, through a system of voting by the public, will choose 6 of its first finalists tonight. The artists will also have to convince the jury with their performances Antonio Vodanovic, Myriam Hernández and Cristián Riquelme. It should be noted that the grand finale of this program will be hosted by Millaray Viera and Jean Philippe Cretton.

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Among this season’s awards I am chile they find each other 15 million pesos for the first place and 3 million pesos for second place. While for the third and fourth position they would earn 2 and 1 million Chilean pesos respectively.

Who are the finalists of Yo Soy Chile 2021?

Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were decisive days to define the 10 finalists of the Yo Soy Chile 2021 season. This is the list of participants who will compete for the great trophy for best imitation:

Finalists I am Chile 2021
José Feliciano (Sebastián Landa) PERUVIAN
Luis Miguel (Ricky Santos)
Brian Johnson (Ivan Gac)
Luis Fonsi (Jorge Villagra)
Ricardo Montaner (Cristian Danielle)
Steve Perry (Nicolás Cid)
Marc Anthony (Fermín Opazo)
Axl Rose (Alejandro Dagda)
Emmanuel (Harold Gamarra) PERUVIAN
Mercedes Sosa (Mario Zapata)

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What time is the final of Yo Soy Chile 2021?

The first great final of the reality show of imitations Chile version will take place this Sunday, June 27, starting at 9:30 pm Peru time (10:30 pm Chile). The winner will be known this Monday, June 28 at the same time in a second luxury day.

How to vote for your favorite finalist in Yo Soy Chile 2021?

On this first day of the grand finale, the public will be able to choose their favorite Yo Soy Chile impersonator through a voting system, which will open once the contest has started through the portal . The other voting methods will be indicated during the LIVE show.

Remember that Peruvians Sebastián Landa (José Feliciano) and Harold Gamarra (Emmanuel) participate in this contest and need your support.

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How to watch Chilevision LIVE the final of Yo Soy Chile 2021?

Chilevision TV channels
DirecTV 151 SD/HD – 1151 HD
Claro TV 55 SD – 555 HD
move TV 121 SD – 811 HD
TuVes HD 57 HD
Intel TV HD 66 HD
Magic TV Chile 5 HD – 6 SD
VTR 21 Santiago – 711 HD
CMET Mundo 21 – 15 SD – 515 HD
Inet TV 9 Castro – 4 Ancud
Star Magic Wire 3 San Antonio



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