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Watch ESPN 3 LIVE Real Madrid vs Levante LIVE ONLINE and LIVE collide today, Saturday, October 3, from 9:00 a.m. in Peru (4:00 a.m. in Spain), at La Cerámica Stadium on the 5th of October. LaLiga. The transmission of the game will be in charge of the channel or channels ESPN 3 and ESPN PLAY in Southamerica; Movistar LaLiga in Spain; Y SKY Sports in Mexico and Central America. Follow all the incidents of the Spanish soccer duel and watch the videos of the goals in the daily minute by minute.

Real Madrid vs. Levante: minute by minute live


3 & # 39; The rear of Levante prevails and clears the danger.

2 & # 39; Real Madrid quickly starts pressing and achieves a corner kick.



46′ ¡FINAL!

45 ‘A minute is added.

43 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Center of Clerc, but Morales fails to specify. The clearest that Levante had.

41 & # 39; He looks for Nacho’s foot, but he did not find a receiver.

39 & # 39; Levante’s offense is null, beyond flashes of play. Real Madrid has known how to take the core area well.

37 ‘Vinicius is on target but unsuccessful.

33 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFF! Benzeman center, but ended up heading to the goal. It could have been 2-0.

31 ‘Real Madrid counterattack that ends in a corner.

29 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFF! Campaign Center and equality is almost here.

27 & # 39; Levante is forced to reverse his game. He cannot progress before the iron mark of Valverde and Casemiro.

25 ‘Levante hits with Campaign. Real Madrid out.

23 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Karim Benzema connects and his shot goes slightly wide.

21 & # 39; Corner for Real Madrid, but the whites do not take the opportunity.

19 & # 39; Asensio sends a cross to the area, but the rear of Levante rejects.

17 ‘Varane and Sergio Ramos develop an important game.

15 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR REAL MADRID! A GREAT GOAL FROM VINICIUS! The Brazilian took his time in the Levante area to score 1-0.

14 & # 39; Corner for Real Madrid.

12 & # 39; Malsa tries to be the exit with Vukcevic, but they quickly lose the ball.

10 & # 39; Federico Valverde plays on the wall with Benzema, but Levante covers with Postigo.

9 & # 39; Morales steals the ball from Casemiro, but Sergio Ramos recovers.

8 & # 39; Real Madrid intends to build with Sergio Ramos from the bottom, but Levante is covered in its lines.

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7 & # 39; Asensio shot, but the rebound finally fell again. Goal kick for Levante.

6 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFF! Excellent shot by Morales that brings danger to Real Madrid’s goal. Lift hints.

5 & ​​# 39; Long pass for Morales, but he found himself offside.

3 & # 39; Hard foul by Casemiro who is booked early.

2 & # 39; Free kick for Real Madrid, but does not take advantage of the opportunity.

1 ‘Sergio Ramos provides an outlet for Real Madrid.


– The game will start in a few minutes.

– Watch the Real Madrid warm-up.

– Levante play their first home game this LaLiga season. For now, the Valencians have three points in the table after their 3-1 victory over Osasuna and two defeats against Valencia (4-2) and Sevilla (1-0). Morales at his highest figure with three goals in the classification for the LaLiga Pichichi Trophy.

– “Levante are a good rival and we are going to have difficulties, but we are prepared,” said French coach Zinedine Zidane who will not be able to count on Toni Kroos, Dani Carvajal, Eden Hazard, Odriozola and Mariano, all injured. For this reason, Zizou summoned Chust, a player from the Real Madrid Castilla subsidiary.

– Attention! Confirmed Real Madrid formation: Thibaut Courtois, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Nacho, Mendy, Casemiro, Federico Valverde, Luka Modric, Vinicius Jr, Marco Asensio and Karim Benzema.

– Substitutes: Lunin, Altube, Marcelo, Lucas Vázquez, Luka Jovic, Martin Odegaard, Isco, Rodrygo and Chust.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Levante: Aitor Fernández, Roger, Bardhi, Morales, Malsa, Rubén Vezo, Postigo, Vukcevic, Clerc, Miramón and Campaña.

– Substitutes: Koke Vegas, Cárdenas, Son, Toño García, Rober Pier Radoja, Duarte, Frutos, Dani Gomez, Melero and Coke.

– Welcome to the coverage of the match between Real Madrid and Levante by LaLiga!

Real Madrid vs. Levante: confirmed lineups

Real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Nacho, Mendy, Casemiro, Federico Valverde, Luka Modric, Vinicius Jr, Marco Asensio and Karim Benzema.


Real Madrid vs. Levante: match history

2020-02-22 – Levante 1-0 Real Madrid (LaLiga 2019/20)

2019-09-14 – Real Madrid 3-2 Levante (LaLiga 2019/20)

2019-02-24 – Levante 1-2 Real Madrid (LaLiga 2018/19)

2018-10-20 – Real Madrid 1-2 Levante (LaLiga 2018/19)

2018-02-03 – Levante 2-2 Real Madrid (LaLiga 2017/18)

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2017-09-09 – Real Madrid 1-1 Levante (LaLiga 2017/18)

2016-03-02 – Levante 1-3 Real Madrid (LaLiga BBVA 15/16)

2015-10-17 – Real Madrid 3-0 Levante (LaLiga BBVA 15/16)

2015-03-15 – Real Madrid 2-0 Levante (LaLiga BBVA 14/15)

2014-10-18 – Raise 0-5 Real Madrid (LaLiga BBVA 14/15)

Raise against Real Madrid

Real Madrid traveled this Sunday to the city of Castellón with only 20 players and with several important absences such as Toni Kroos, Eden Hazard, Dani Carvajal and Álvaro Odriozola, all of them due to injury. However, the good news is that you can count on Karim Benzema, Marco Asencio, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Jovic and Lucas Vázquez. Although, finally this player can be used as a winger, where Zidane would have no problems putting him in due to the injuries he has.

Real Madrid vs. Levante: world schedules and channels

country Schedule TV channels
Argentina 11:00 ESPN 3
Bolivia 10:00 Tigo Sports
Brazil 12:00 ESPN Brazil
Canada 10:00 beIN Sports LaLiga
Chile 11:00 ESPN 3
Colombia 9:00 ESPN 3
Costa Rica 8:00 SKY Sports
Cuba 10:00 Tele Rebelde
Ecuador 9:00 ESPN 3
The Savior 8:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
EE. UU. 9:00 beIN Sports LaLiga
Guatemala 8:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
Honduras 8:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
Mexico 9:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
Nicaragua 8:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
Panama 9:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
Paraguay 10:00 ESPN 3
Puerto Rico 10:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
R. Dominicana 10:00 SKY Sports (Canales 504-546)
Uruguay 11:00 ESPN 3
Venezuela 10:00 ESPN 3
Spain 16:00 Movistar LaLiga and Mitele Plus

Asensio, the call to shine

“Yes, of course. He is an important player. He has always been like this. What he has to do is recover his level to 100% physically and technically. He is preparing to have a great year. Convinced … When we are on the field we have to try to do it well. We do not control the rest. We have to be united and more in times of difficulties. Here every time there is a little difficulty we always talk a lot. Our thing is to unite and move on, “he said in a conference.

“We talk from coach to player and from player to coach. Since I came here as a coach, I have always done the same thing. I have a squad of 23-24 players and to win titles in 60-65 games we need everyone. It’s what everyone wants. the coaches are doing. Before there were 30-35 games and a player could play them all, now it is not like that. And then there is the Eurocup, more games … I have always done rotations. I talk to the players, “said Zidane in the preview. to face Levante.

In the standings and with a pending match, Real Madrid it is located in fourth position by adding 7 points, one less than the leaders Real Sociedad and Villarreal.

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And how does Levante arrive? The Valencia team accumulates two defeats and one victory. The start of the tournament has been as expected, as they are in the last places with only 3 points.

Real Madrid vs Levante: probable alignments

Real Madrid: Courtois; Nacho, Varane, Ramos, Mendy; Casemiro, Valverde, Modric; Vinicius, Odegaard, Benzema.

DT: Zidane.

Levante: Aitor; Miramón, Vezo, Postigo, Toño; Melero, Campaign, Radoja, Bardhi; Roger, Morales.

DT: Paco Lopez.

What channel does Real Madrid vs. Lift in Spain?

The game is televised on Spain through the channels Mitele Plus, Movistar LaLiga. Follow the programming live to see the game Real Madrid vs Levante for LaLiga of Spain.

Movistar Channels of Spain
Movistar LaLiga Channel 46 of Movistar
Movistar LaLiga 1 Channel 47 of Movistar and 112 of Orange
Movistar LaLiga UHD Channel 440 of Movistar
Orange TV Orange channel 110
Jazztel TV Channel 108-109 (4k quality)
LaLiga TV (Bar) Channel 146 of Movistar
Mitele MORE Smart TV, Chrome, Mozilla, Edge y Chromecast.

Where to see ESPN 3 LIVE Real Madrid vs. Lift in ARGENTINA?

DIRECTV 621/1620 623/1623 626/1626
TELECENTER 104/1009 105/1011 108/1012
CABLEVISION 32/102 23/103 104
SUPERCHANNEL 14/102/1000 15/103/1003 104/1007
CLARO TV 106 107 108
DIBOX 100 101 102
Cablevisión flow 102 103 104
MOVISTAR TV 200 201 202

Where to see ESPN 3 LIVE Real Madrid vs. Lift in COLOMBIA?

DIRECTV 621/1620 625/1623 626/1626
MOVISTAR TV 200/483/884 202/486/886 203/488/887
CLARO TV 510/1510 511/1511 512/1512
COLCABLE 16 14/15

Where to see ESPN 3 LIVE Real Madrid vs. Lift in CHILE?

DIRECTV 621/1620 625/1623 626/1626
MOVISTAR TV 480/884 482/886 495/887
CMET 53 54
CLARO TV 174/474 175/475
GTD/TELSUR 84 85 86/854
ZAPPING TV 90 91 92
VTR 49/27/28 153/842

Where to see ESPN 3 LIVE Real Madrid vs. Lift in PERU?

DIRECTV 621/1620 625/1623 626/1626
MOVISTAR TV 504/483/884/740 486/505/741/886 488/887/508/742
CLARO TV 64/521 65/523 66/524

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