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Watch Lima Alliance vs. Llacuabamba LIVE, ONLINE and LIVE They play this Saturday, October 3, from 3:30 pm (Peruvian time), on the main court of the San Marcos Stadium on the 16th date of the Opening Tournament of the League 1 Movistar. The duel will be broadcast to the national public by the Movistar TV service under the channel GOAL PERU; while Peruvians abroad will be able to see it via GOLTV and PERÚ MÁGICO. Follow all incidents and videos of the goals of the Peruvian football match live within the minute by minute of the newspaper

Lima Alliance vs. Llacuabamba: minute by minute live


89 ‘Five more minutes are added to the match.

88 ‘Ascues again arrives in the middle and manages to get a shot that deflects to the corner kick.

85 & # 39; Alianza begins to touch the ball from side to side waiting for the minutes to pass.

84 ‘Forced change in Alianza Lima: Montoya enters in replacement of Beltrán who is injured.

82 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF ALIANZA LIMA! Carlos Ascues took a great shot and scores the 2-0 over Llacuabamba.

79 ‘Double change in Alianza Lima. Ferreyra and Caro leave and Sánchez and Rosell enter.

77 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ALIANZA LIMA! Patricio Rubio defined well before Mora’s pass and scores 1-0 against Llacuabamba.

74 & # 39; Ferreyra achieves a good overflow on the right wing and in his attempt to get the center win a side for Alianza.

73 & # 39; Yellow for Duclós after a strong foul on Vega.

72 & # 39; Valera wins a new split, manages to get the shot that ended up in the hands of Espinoza.

70 & # 39; Llacuabamba risks from the bottom, but manages to go out playing from his field.

68 ‘Ascues and Arroé force a play and win a corner kick in favor of Alianza Lima.

67 & # 39; Ferreyra received well on the left, but took a very wide shot to the goal kick. Alliance is coming.

65 ‘Ascues wins from above, but commits a foul in attack for the departure of Llacuabamba.

64 ‘Adrianzen takes advantage of a bad start by Alianza to get a corner kick in favor of Llacuabamba.

62 & # 39; Rubio forces a play on the right and wins a winger in attack.

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59 ‘Round trip. Alianza and Llacuabamba recover and attack the rival arch very quickly.

57 & # 39; Good shot from Aguilar, but the ball was not a problem for goalkeeper Ramírez.

55 & # 39; Valera found the space again and took a shot that went the corner kick.

53 ‘UFFFF! Alianza recovered the ball, opened in the middle for Ferreyra, who made the diagonal towards the middle and took a shot that passed close to the rival goal.

53 & # 39; Now it is Llacuabamba who begins to own the ball.

52 & # 39; Great save by Espinoza! Alianza Lima’s goalkeeper avoided the fall of her goal after a strong shot from Adrianzen.

48 & # 39; UFFFFFFF! Arroé took a good free kick and almost scored the first after a save by goalkeeper Ramírez.

48 ‘Free kick for Alianza after a foul on Cornejo.

47 & # 39; Corner shot for Alianza Lima.

46 ‘Now it was Ferreyra who passed at full speed on the left. He took the center that Rubio let through, but that no other Alianza teammate managed to connect.

46 & # 39; Espinoza saves without problems a shot from outside by Vega. Alliance comes out.

Start the second part!


46′ ¡FINAL!

45 ‘A minute is added.

42 & # 39; Arroé pass to Aguilar, but the steering wheel was ahead.

39 & # 39; Alianza Lima again pressed with Ferreyra. The pass for Rubio is resolved by Uculmana.

36 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Uculmana corrects her mistake and prevents Rubio from scoring 1-0. Arroé is clearer in the game.

34 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Long shot by Arroé for Aguilar, but Ramírez saved the shot well. Round trip.

33 & # 39; Again Espinoza saves a shot from Vega. Alianza presents serious defense problems.

31 & # 39; Once again Valera becomes a nightmare for Alianza. Beltrán cannot stop him.

28 ‘They play short and there is a new free kick for Alianza. The foul was Vásquez on Caro.

27 ‘Yellow card for Sánchez Vasquez for a hard tackle on Ferreyra. Free shot.

26 & # 39; NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Again Alex Varela misses a clear goal option.

24 & # 39; New long ball for Aguilar by Medina, but Mendoza solves the danger.

22 & # 39; EXCELLENT CUTTING OF ESPINOZA! THE CLEAREST! Valera beats Beltrán and Duclós, but the intimate goalkeeper maintains parity.

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20 & # 39; Rude error by Ramírez, but Ascues could not solve well.

18 & # 39; Now it is Kluiverth Aguilar’s fault in his attempt to want to recover. At the Llacuabamba exit.

16 & # 39; Llacuabamba tries with Varela, but a quick recovery by Alianza generated a backlash. Rubio’s forward position.

14 & # 39; Long pass for Rubio, but he was in an advanced position.

12 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Excellent pass from Vega to Bustamante, but his definition is resolved without problems by Espinoza.

11 & # 39; Bad control of Ascues allows Llacuabamba to counterattack with Santamaría, but his center is very long.

9 & # 39; Excellent diagonal from Ferreyra who enables Rubio, but his shot is well saved by Ramírez. Second clear of Alliance.

7 ‘Foul on Joazhiño Arroé. Free kick for the intimate.

5 & ​​# 39; Long ball for Aguilar who is associated with Rubio, but Arroé’s shot is blocked. Alliance’s first arrival.

3 & # 39; Llacuabamba’s first approach through Duclós’ band, but Valera does not get to connect with precision.

1 & # 39; Alliance tries to baste with patience from behind. Llacuabamba waits in his own field.


– The game starts at 3:30 pm in Lima, Peru.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Deportivo Llacuabamba: Ramírez, Ruiz, Mendoza, Uculmana, Vásquez, Adrianzen, Sánchez, Vega, Bustamante, Santamaría and Valera.

– Substitutes: Ovando, Portocarrero, Viza, Portugal, Paico and Velasco.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Alianza Lima: Ítalo Espinoza, Franco Medina, Carlos Beltrán, Francisco Duclós, Dylan Caro, Miguel Cornejo, Kluiverth Aguilar, Carlos Ascues, Joazhino Arroé, Patricio Rubio and Kevin Ferreyra.

– Substitutes: Rivadeneyra, Montoya, Escate, Mora, Rossel, Gonzalo Sánchez and Cavero.

– Welcome to coverage of the match between Alianza Lima and Llacuabamba!

Lima Alliance vs. Llacuabamba: confirmed lineups

Lima Alliance: Ítalo Espinoza, Franco Medina, Carlos Beltrán, Francisco Duclós, Dylan Caro, Miguel Cornejo, Kluiverth Aguilar, Carlos Ascues, Joazhino Arroé, Patricio Rubio and Kevin Ferreyra.

Llacuabamba: Ramírez, Ruiz, Mendoza, Uculmana, Vásquez, Adrianzen, Sánchez, Vega, Bustamante, Santamaría and Valera.

Lima Alliance against Llacuabamba

In Alianza Lima they will be able to go through a sports and institutional crisis, however, they will always find the perfect opportunity to succeed and begin to row towards positive results in League 1 that will allow them to work calmly in the face of what continues in the competitions that dispute.

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Alliance Lima vs. Llacuamba: schedules to see League 1

country Time
Peru 15:30 hours
Chile 17:30 hours
Spain 10:30 p.m.
Bolivia 16:30 hours
Venezuela 16:30 hours
United States 15:30 hours
Colombia 15:30 hours
Ecuador 15:30 hours
Argentina 17:30 hours
Uruguay 17:30 hours
Paraguay 16:30 hours

Well the reality that they live in Lima Alliance is no exception, but precisely this opportunity to wash their face arrived and today (3:30 pm) they will have to win again for the League 1, this time to Llacuabamba, to highlight the greatness of the club.

Alliance Lima vs. Llacuabamba: previous record of the match

Alianza Lima vs Llacuabamba LIVE
When do they play? Saturday October 3
Where? San Marcos Stadium
What time? 15:30 pm Lima, Peru time
On what channel? GOL PERÚ and GOLTV

They know Mario Salas and your campus. They feel that there is a great debt with the fans who attended the Matute training yesterday and for this reason today, in San Marcos, they will go out in search of a victory against the Apertura team and a candidate to be relegated. We talk about the weak Llacuabamba from “Chochera” Castillo.

For this commitment and as usual, the “Commander” Salas he will use a mixed team, without Butrón, Rodríguez and Cruzado. Once again, the youth Caro, Medina, Cornejo, Ferreyra and Aguilar will be taken into account from the start, accompanied by the experience of Carlos Ascues and Patricio Rubio. There is no other result than the triumph for Lima Alliance.

What channel is GOL PERÚ on Movistar Deportes?

Movistar TV: The Movistar Deportes cable service has channel 114 (SD) and channel 814 (HD) for the satellite availability of GOL PERÚ. However, in cable it can be seen by tuning in to channel 14 (SD) and channel 714 (HD). Also at Star Globalcom.

Fact: GOL PERÚ is also available in Movistar PLAY for IOS and Android mobiles.

Alliance Lima vs. Llacuabamba: probable formations

Lima Alliance: Espinoza; Caro, Duclós, Beltrán, Medina; Ascues, Cornejo; Ferreyra, Arroé, Aguilar and Rubio.

DT: Mario Salas.

Llacuabamba: Ramírez, Ruiz, Calderón, Uculmana, Raguso, Sánchez, Bustamante, Adrianzén, Vega, Acevedo, Valera.

DT. Alberto Castillo.

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