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River Plate vs Colon LIVE, ONLINE TV, FREE and LIVE they measure forces today, Sunday, April 11, from 7:00 p.m. in Lima and 9:00 p.m. in Argentina on date 9 of Group A of the Professional League Cup. The game will also be broadcast on TNT Sports, Fox Sports, Paramount+, ESPN 2 and AFA Play, while you can follow all incidents, with videos instantly, minute by minute from Lí

River Plate vs. Colon of Santa Fe: minute by minute live


End of the first half in Buenos Aires.


45 & # 39; Farías and a great pass for Bernardi to score with class for Colón.

41 & # 39; Yellow for Martínez (R)


35 & # 39; De la Cruz enables Beltrán to score for River from a crossed shot.

29 & # 39; Meza shoots and was close to scoring Colón.

25 & # 39; Yellow for Enzo Pérez (R)

25 & # 39; Heading by Beltrán (R) that goes over the crossbar.

21 & # 39; Álvarez (R) shot to the barrier.

17 & # 39; Castro (C) finishes weak. Armani stopped.

16 ‘Fierrazo by De La Cruz. Burián Shortcut (C)

13 ‘Shot by Borré (R). It went slightly off track.

5 ‘Attempt missed by Tomás Moschión (C). It was diverted.

The game starts in Buenos Aires.

– Follow all the incidents of River Plate vs. Colón de Santa Fe for the Argentine Professional League Cup.

-Attention! River Plate formations: Armani: Angilieri, Díaz, Martínez, Montiel, Pérez, Palavecino, De La Cruz, Borré, Beltrán, Álvarez

Substitutes: Ponzio, Casco, Bologna, Maidana, Rojas, Paradela, Fontana, Girotti, Zuculini, Lux, Rolheiser, Carrascal

-Attention! Colon Formations: Burián; Goltz, Delgado, Escobar, Garcés, Meza, Bernardi, Aliendro, Castro, Moschion, Farías

Substitutes: Góez, Chicco, Ferreira, Mura, Sandoval, Pierotti, Acevedo

– Welcome to coverage of the game between River Plate and Colón de Santa Fe!

River Plate vs. Colon of Santa Fe: confirmed lineups

River Plate: Armani: Angilieri, Díaz, Martínez, Montiel, Pérez, Palavecino, De La Cruz, Borré, Beltrán, Álvarez

Coach: Gallardo

Columbus of Santa Fe: Burián; Goltz, Delgado, Escobar, Garcés, Meza, Bernardi, Aliendro, Castro, Moschion, Farías

Coach: Domínguez

River Plate vs. Colon of Santa Fe: match history

2019-10-30 – River Plate 2-1 Colón (Argentine Championship 2019/20)

2018-10-20 – Colón 1-0 River Plate (Argentine Championship 2018/19)

2018-05-08 – Colón 0-0 River Plate (Argentine Championship 2017/18)

2017-06-26 – Colón 0-0 River Plate (Argentine Championship 2016/17)

2016-03-14 – Colón 4-1 River Plate (Argentine Championship 2016)

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2015-07-25 – River Plate 3-1 Colón (Argentine Championship 2015)

2014-08-21 – River Plate 0-0 (4-2 pen.) Colón (Argentine Cup 2013/14)

2014-02-24 – Colón 3-1 River Plate (Final Tournament 2014)

2013-08-25 – River Plate 1-2 Colón (Initial Tournament 2013)

2013-03-10 – River Plate 2-1 Colón (Final Tournament 2013)

River Plate against Colón de Santa Fe

The actions will take place in the Monumental Stadium, while the referee Facundo Tello will be in charge of delivering justice. In Group A, things have gone in the best way for Colón de Santa Fe, since they are the leaders with 20 points, while River Plate is in fifth box with only 12 points, one place outside the playoffs for the title .

River Plate vs Colon Professional League Cup
What time will they play? 7:00 p.m. in Peru and 9:00 p.m. in Argentina
In what stadium will they play? Monumental Stadium
Who will be the referee? Facundo Tello
What channel will it broadcast? TNT Sports, ESPN y AFA Play

The team led by Marcelo Gallardo maintains the same style of play as always, but the detail is that they have lost force in the attack. Said downturn in offense has been reflected in the last two dates of the tournament, in which they drew without goals against Racing Club and Arsenal de Sarandí, despite becoming dominators for several moments.

River Plate vs Colón: schedules in the world

-Peru – 7.00 pm Lima time

-Mexico – 7.00 pm Mexico City time

-Ecuador – 7.00 pm Quito time

-United States – 5.00 pm Los Angeles time

-United States – 7.00 pm Texas time

-United States – 8.00 pm Miami time

-Colombia – 7.00 pm Bogotá time

-Argentina – 9.00 pm Buenos Aires time

-Spain – 2.00 am Madrid time

-Spain – 1.00 am Canary Islands time

-Uruguay – 9.00 pm Montevideo time

-Paraguay – 8.00 pm Asunción time

-Chile – 8.00 pm Santiago time

-Brazil – 9.00 pm Brasilia time

-Bolivia – 8.00 pm La Paz time

-Venezuela – 8.00 pm Caracas time

-Canada – 7.00 pm Toronto time

-Italy – 2.00 am Rome time

-France – 2.00 am Paris time

-Germany – 2.00 am Berlin time

-Portugal – 1.00 am Lisbon time

-Holland – 2.00 am Amsterdam time

-England – 1.00 am London time

However, they arrive with motivation at the top after the recent victory in the Argentine Cup over Atlético Tucumán, 2-1 with a double from Federico Girotti. The young forward showed that he has the ability to be the benchmark on offense and now he will have the opportunity to share roles with Rafael Santos Borré, who is the scorer ‘Millonario’.

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River Plate vs Colón: last games

10-29-2019: River Plate 2-1 Colón – Argentine Super League

10-19-2018: Colón 1-0 River Plate – Argentine Super League

07-05-2018: Colón 0-0 River Plate – Argentine Super League

06-25-2017: Colón 0-0 River Plate – Argentine Super League

03-13-2016: Colón 4-1 River Plate – Argentine Super League

07-25-2015: River Plate 3-1 Colón – Argentine Super League

08-20-2014: River Plate 1-0 (penalties 4-2) Colón – Argentine Cup

02-23-2014: Colón 3-1 River Plate – Argentine Super League

08-25-2013: River Plate 1-2 Colón – Argentine Super League

03-10-2013: River Plate 2-1 Colón – Argentine Super League

For his part, Colón de Santa Fe has had a great season and is the only team that remains undefeated in Group A of the Professional League Cup. So far they have added six wins and two draws, having Luis Miguel ‘Pulga’ Rodríguez as their top star, with his five goals and three assists so far, but not everything is happiness.

River Plate vs Colón: which channel broadcasts today’s match for the Professional League Cup?

Argentina: TNT Sports

Brazil: FOX Sports 1 Brasil, Fox Sports App, Fox Sports Web, NOW NET e Claro

Colombia: ESPN2 Colombia

International: AFA Play

Mexico: ESPN Norte

USA: Paramount+

Unfortunately for the ‘Sabalero’, they will not be able to count on their maximum star in this match because he was diagnosed with coronavirus. The clear intention that you have is to stay at the top of the standings and not give up points. In addition, they could enforce their defensive work against a River Plate with goal problems: they only have two annotations against in 8 dates.

River Plate vs Colón: possible alignments

River Plate: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Jonatan Maidana, Paulo Díaz, Fabrizio Angileri; Nicolás De La Cruz, Enzo Pérez, Agustín Palavecino, Julián Alvarez; Rafael Santos Borré and Federico Girotti. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Colon: Leonardo Burián; Paolo Goltz, Rafael Delgado, Facundo Garcés; Eric Meza, Rodrigo Aliendro, Yéiler Goetz, Alexis Castro, Gonzalo Escobar; Facundo Farías and Christian Bernardi or Tomás Sandoval. DT: Eduardo Domínguez.

Where to watch River Plate vs Colón match?

On the Internet the duel between River Plate vs Colon, will broadcast minute by minute with all the incidents of the match and the goals instantly. In addition, you can see the summary of goals at the end of the match.

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Where to watch TNT Sports LIVE River vs. Colon?

TV channels TNT SPORTS Availability
Antina 201 HD Land
Color Television Cable 6 SD – 61 HD Land
Telecentre Canal 207 Land
DirecTV 603 SD – 1603 HD satelite
InTV 630 HD satelite
Cablevision 124 D – 604 HD Cable
TeleRed 59 D – 129 HD Cable
Express Cablehogar 113 D – 813 HD Cable
Cabletel 214 HD Cable
Cablevideo Digital 608 HD Cable
Supercanal CTC 140 SD – 1140 HD Cable
From the Wind TV 530 HD Cable
Gigared 219 HD – 70 SD – 68 SD Cable
CCC 265 D – 1511 HD Cable
The four 625 HD Cable
Color Vision Bay 107 HD Cable
Color Television Cable 1 – 116 HD Cable
Ushuala Vision 639 HD Cable
ACV Videocable 275 HD Cable
TeleViso 1126 HD Cable
Cable 10 952 HD Cable
TV COA 110 SD – 1110 HD Cable
CPETV, Santa Rosa 555 HD Cable
TVCO General Pico 671 HD Cable
Cablevisión Flow 124 HD – 604 HD IPTV
Claro TV 121 HD IPTV
Movistar TV 250 HD IPTV
Dibox 639 HD IPTV

Where to watch ESPN 2 LIVE River vs. Colon?

ESPN 2 TV channels
DirecTV (Peru) Canal 625 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Argentina) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Uruguay) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Chile) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Colombia) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Ecuador) Canal 623 (SD) y Canal 1623 (HD)
DirecTV (Venezuela) Canal 624 (SD)
Movistar (Peru) Canal 506 (SD) y Canal 741 (HD)
Movistar (Chile) Canal 482 (SD) y Canal 886 (HD)
Movistar (Argentina) Canal 201 (HD)
Claro TV (Peru) Canal 65 (SD) y Canal 523 (HD)
Claro TV (Chile) Canal 175 (SD) y Canal 475 (HD)
Claro TV (Colombia) Canal 511 (SD) y 1511 (HD)
Claro TV (Ecuador) Canal 90 (SD) y Canal 590 (HD)
Claro TV (Argentina) Canal 107 (HD)
Telecentre (Argentina) Canal 105 (D) y Canal 1011 (HD)
Cablevisión (Argentina) Canal 23 (A) y Canal 103 (D/HD)
Cable TV Group (Ecuador) Canal 202 (SD) y Canal 734 (HD)
VTR Chile Channel 49 (Santiago) and 841 (HD)
Supercanal (Argentina) Canal 15 (A), 103 (D) y 1003 (HD)
Dibox (Argentina) Canal 101 (HD)
Cablevisión Flow (Argentina) Canal 103 (HD)

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