See how you can save in dollars without restrictions

Argentines always look for the best way to save. In a context of rising inflation, the dollar is the most chosen foreign currency, especially the blue dollar and savings.

The exchange restrictions triggered alternative tools to dollarize without buying the official currency through the free and unique exchange market. One of the options is to operate through the Stock Exchange with the so-called “MEP dollar”. In any case, there is another alternative, perhaps a little less known, that is taking much more popularity.

It is about the possibility of cryptocurrencies. The price, both in pesos and in foreign currency, is set by supply and demand.

Thus, the implicit exchange rate arises from the relationship between the sale value in dollars and the purchase price in pesos, plus the transaction costs. In general, the price is a value that is located between the blue dollar and the cash with liquidation.

As it is not a direct purchase of dollars, but of a dollarized asset, the operation is not restricted. This means that the buying and selling of the crypto dollar is outside the traditional exchange market. So, the quotes and operations are not suspended on weekends or holidays, but work 24 hours.

In the popular “altcoins”, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the value lies in the loyalty of its cryptocurrency community. Unlike them, “stablecoins” are associated with the value of a “fiat” currency, such as the dollar or the euro; to material goods, such as gold or oil; and even to another cryptocurrency.

There are also stablecoins that are controlled by algorithms to keep their price stable. In this line, they are attractive to take refuge in times of financial uncertainty. The four most recognized in terms of trading volume are DAI, Tether USDT, USD Coin and Binance USD.

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