See La Equidad vs. Millonarios FC today live online transmission

This Saturday, at 3:15 pm, the ball will roll at the Techo stadium for the match of Equity vs. Millionaires, by date 16 of the BetPlay League, I find that you can continue live here.

The ‘ambassador’ arrives at this meeting after confirm the departure of Matías de los Santos, who will go to football in Argentina, added to the rumors that bring Andrés Román closer to Boca Juniors.

Equity for its part, has a payroll of much less weight and value compared to the blue ones, but he hopes to maintain the good presentations that today have him within eight.

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Minute 40: many kicks and little game

La Equidad remains in its position of cutting football from the middle of the field and that prevents Millonarios from reaching the rival area. The locals have had only one approach, but it was not a clear goal action.

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This was the complete play

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Minute 28: Review of the VAR

After the judges in charge of technology looked at the previous play, they decided that there was no fault, but the match was stopped for four minutes.

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Minute 24: Millionaires was close

Uribe’s header that Bonilla saved, but left the rebound and although ‘Chicho’ Arango went for the ball, a La Equidad defender threw himself with strength and rejected the ball.

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Minute 23: two consecutive fouls by Hernández, from La Equidad

The left back of the insurer has had two strong infractions against Emerson Rodríguez, first, and Andrés Román, later.

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Minute 16: hard foul by Mahecha against Arango

The La Equidad player entered the Millonarios attacker with strength, who fought his rival for this entry. There was no yellow for any.

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Minute 10: La Equidad, better at the start of the game

The ‘insurance’ team is very safe and has taken center stage in the match with good plays in the center of the field.

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Minute 4: Gamero has already scolded his defenses

Juan Pablo Vargas was not clear at the start and ended up giving away the ball, the coach made a strong call for attention.

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The match started

Equity and Millionaires are already measured on date 6 of the BetPlay League

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This was the cry of encouragement in Millonarios

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Link to see the La Equidad vs. Millionaires

Win Sports + charges to watch the match between these two teams. To see it online on their platform they shared this link, but you have to pay.

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This is how Millonarios came to Techo

The stage located in the southwest of Bogotá will be the one that receives the first game this Saturday.

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Teams already have starters ready for this game

Without many surprises, both clubs announced the headlines for this league match.

Confirmed starting lineups

Equity: Cristian Bonilla; Walmer Pacheco, John García, Jean Estupiñán, José Hernández; Pablo Lima, Larry Angulo, Juan Mahecha; Daniel Mantilla, Hansel Zapata, Diego Herazo.

Millionaires: Juan Moreno; Andrés Román, Andrés Llinás, Juan Pablo Vargas, Elvis Perlaza; Stiven Vega, Juan Carlos Pereira; David Mackalister Silva, Emerson Rodríguez; Cristian Arango, Fernando Uribe.

Where to see La Equidad vs. Millionaires FC free?

The game will be broadcast exclusively by Win Sports +, but the portal is enabled to watch it online.

However, here we will tell you minute by minute all the details of this match that opens the day on Saturday.

How to bet and tips

Millionaires arrive as the favorite because they have been one of the clubs with more regularity at the start of the championship and the four games they have played have not lost a single time. In his favor, he has scored eight goals and five have been scored.

But La Equidad is not far behind. They have played all five games and have achieved two victories, two draws and a single defeat. However, they don’t have as much offensive production and only they have scored four goals, while he has conceded three.

Goals between Millionaires and La Equidad

The last league match between these two clubs was played more than a year ago and was at the El Campín stadium. In that game there were four goals, but the result ended equal 2-2, in addition there was a penalty in favor of the ‘insurers’.

So were the annotations of that match in which there were still fans in the stands:


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