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Independent Medellin Y Millionaires the faces are seen in what for many was the most attractive match of the present date of colombian soccer. Both arrive with air in the shirt since they won last date: the Blues They beat Once Caldas by 4 to 3, while the paisas beat Bucaramanga 1-0.

Those led by Alberto Gamero will not have defender Matías de los Santos as the starter. Instead, the young Andrés Llinás was included in the starting eleven. The coach did not make any major changes compared to previous meetings and the attacking front will feature the striker Fernando Uribe. For its part, Fredy Guarín will be a substitute and could add minutes in the second half.

The ‘Bolillo’ Gómez also goes with his best for tonight’s game. Up front there is a pair that is giving results to the ‘powerful’, the one made up of Matías Mier and Agustín Vuletich.

Next, the minute by minute free of the last game on date 4 of the BetPlay League:

8:12 p.m ID: zvayy

10 ′: first shot to the Millonarios arch

Andrés Felipe Román’s mid-range shot was controlled by the Medellín goalkeeper.

8:10 p.m ID: mjaon

10 ′: (Medellín 0-0 Millionaires)

The game is very cut. The fouls in the midfield have been the constant during the last minutes.

8:05 p.m ID: xtfwp

5 ′: (Medellín 0-0 Millionaires)

The Bogota team started better, with more control of the ball and getting a little closer to the rival area.

7:58 p.m ID: fxdwj

The teams take to the field

The formal acts begin at the Atanasio Girardot. In minutes the ball will roll in the Medellín stadium.

7:47 p.m ID: qjmdp

Millionaires has an enviable undefeated

The Bogota team accumulates 14 games without losing, although several of them were in the eliminated tournament last year. However, since last October, the ‘ambassador’ does not lose,

7:44 p.m ID: plcls

Millionaires goes for second place

In case of winning tonight, those led by Gamero will ascend to second place in the tournament.

7:41 p.m ID: kypeb

How are the DIM and Millionaires in the table

The Blues have played two games and have won them, so they are sixth in the standings as they have a postponed duel. For their part, the reds are eighth, the product of two wins and a draw in their first three presentations.

7:38 p.m ID: nfqqu

This is how Medellín arrived at the stadium

The ‘powerful’ players arrived quite calm at the Paisa stadium.

7:32 p.m ID: qugnb

Millionaires starting lineup

Alberto Gamero continues to trust several homegrown players. Juan Carlos Pereira and David Macallister Silva will command the midfield.

Where to see Medellín vs. Free millionaires?

The game will be broadcast live and exclusively on the Win Sports + channel, the premium channel of Colombian football, for which you have to pay. To see it on television or through the channel’s digital platforms, the subscription must be assumed.

However, in Pulzo we will tell you all the details of the match minute by minute.

Here are the goals that Millonarios and Medellín made in their last matches, in which they both won:


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