See the figure of Al, Andin faints in the arms of Amar Mahendra, Elsa Sinis looks at her sister lying in the bond of love

BUSINESS POTENTIALAndin really hit by the slander and baseless accusations of Elsa.

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The previous story, Reyna suddenly felt homesick for Andin. Then, Reyna asked Nurse Mirna to contact her mother.

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Mirna also video calls Mama Rosa, who apparently is still on the way accompanying the hearse Keisha and Papa Chandra.

Reyna was surprised to see her grandma alone in the car then asked where she was Andin.

Mama Rosa explained that Andin accompanying sister Keishathis unexpectedly made Reyna jealous.

Reyna said Andin can accompany Keisha but don’t want to play with him.

Mama Rosa immediately said that Keisha currently has no one except Andin who can accompany.

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