See the pictures.. A raid on a clinic run by an “expat” doctor in a famous medical complex in Taif.. and a surprise about what you are doing!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The competent authorities have arrested an expatriate doctor who performs abortions in a clinic she runs in one of the private medical clinics in Taif.
The security services had received information about the incident and coordinated with the health department to arrest the doctor, as the information indicated that the accused performs abortions in a famous medical complex, in an environment that does not meet the minimum medical and health requirements. According to Okaz.
The secret visitor negotiated with the doctor to carry out an abortion, and it was agreed upon, and the commitment teams in “Taif Health”, in cooperation with the security authorities, began controlling the violation and referring the doctor to the competent authority, and the dispensary was referred to the committee to look into the violations of private health institutions, and it was seized on the site. Expired medical materials and other abortion aids.

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