seer says relationship won’t last long

He assured it in an interview with, where he argued that right now Paola Jara Y Jessi Uribe They are in full bloom of romance, but – according to their visions – it won’t last long.

“They will go divinely, while the honeymoon is over, which is ending,” said Lilian Estrada.

The seer even put a deadline on the relationship, reiterating that she does not see them together. As predicted, in just two years they will be “completely separated”.

“I see them betrothed, I see them happy, I see them showing many things […], but I do not see that future of love, of total surrender and understanding “, he sentenced.

“That ends”, it was lapidary, even though recently the engagement between the two was announced.

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Jessi Uribe I would find another woman

By reiterating in the digital medium that the experience between the two “is going to happen very quickly”, Estrada talked about what would happen after the relationship.

“Jessi is going to fall in love with another woman, with that one he is going to stay and have two children with her,” he concluded.

Here, the interview with the seer:


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