SEGA’s “Original Sin” will be broadcast again on 3/6, and the release date of the game will be announced | 4Gamers

SEGA’s mobile game “Sin Chronicle” will hold a live broadcast on March 6, and it is scheduled to announce the official launch time of the game on the same day. There will be three voice actors to attend the show.

According to official information, the broadcast time falls at 19:00 on March 6, Taiwan time. The voice actors who dub the three characters of the game: Izawa Shiori, Ise Moli, Saka Taito, as well as the game’s general producer Matsunaga Jun, director Kobayashi Hisashi will attend the live show.

“Original Sin Wars” is the latest work that continues the previous work “Chain Wars”. It was first released at the Tokyo Game Show in 2021. Players gradually advance the level by consuming AP (stamina).

This work has been announced a few days ago to be launched in the spring of 2022, and several live hosts and VTubers have been found to warm up the game, such as マグロヘッド, ハヤトの wild hope, Kashiwagi べるくら, as well as hololive’s big sky and silver Noai Er, let players know the latest look of the game through the above demo clips.

The game focuses on the concept of “fate is controlled by oneself”, allowing players to make choices based on the plot. Most of the choices in the game are about changing interpersonal relationships, but at the climax of the chapter, players will be forced to make “major choices” options. , once a decision is made, there is no turning back.

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