Seguros La Unión paid $ 12.5 million to the Comptroller’s Office as compensation for the fire during the protests in October 2019 | Politics | News

Quito –

The Unión Compañía Nacional de Seguros (Seguros La Unión) paid $ 12,525,680.26 in compensation to the State Comptroller General for the execution of the three policies, after the fire that occurred during the protests in October 2019, according to the agency of control, this Saturday, November 14.

The Comptroller added that this money will allow the reconstruction of its headquarters in the capital and explained that on November 6, in Guayaquil, the settlement of the insurance claim was signed between the parties and the total payment of the compensation corresponding to the value of the claim was made. ($ 13,017,568.84), less the contractual deductibles ($ 1,214,032.79) plus the legal interest generated on the payment date ($ 722,144.21).

Although the control body had supported the payment of compensation in fifteen technical reports issued by the Fire Department of the Metropolitan District of Quito (2), the Public Company UCE – EP Projects (1) and the technical areas of the National Administrative Coordination and Services of the institution (12), in March of this year the insurer denied the payment of compensation for the loss; Therefore, the comptroller Pablo Celi made the administrative claim on June 18 before the National Insurance Administration.

On August 3, 2020, the National Insurance Intendant ordered and ordered the company La Unión to pay the compensation claimed to the State Comptroller General. The insurer appealed but, with resolutions of October 5 and November 4, the Superintendency of Companies, Securities and Insurance denied the appeal and extraordinary review resources and left the payment firm.

Seguros La Unión ratified the payment of three policies of “All Risk of Fire”, “Insurance Against All Risk of Vehicles”, and Electronic Equipment of the General Comptroller of the State, for the same amount mentioned by the Comptroller’s Office.

In its official Twitter account, the insurer indicated that it had complied with 100% of the payment in favor of the Comptroller, “whose facilities in Quito were assaulted and set on fire by protesters during the October 2019 protests.”

In a video of 1 minute and ten seconds, Seguros La Unión points out that it complied with the payment, after exhausting the administrative procedure, that justice has not yet determined those responsible for the violent acts in the vicinity of the building, and that “the circumstances that they are questionable about this violence motivated several claims that were not accepted by justice. “

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