Selective isolation runs until February 28 in Colombia

In the Prevention and Action program, President Ivan duque
announced that
, hand in hand with the health emergency, andl selective isolation
It will run until February 28.

“That decree of selective isolation with responsible individual distancing it runs until February 28, ÔÇŁhe said.

Duque stated that the public order decree specifies with respect to mobility restrictions, limitations and control tools so that local leaders apply, according to the occupancy levels of intensive care units.

“They are a list of tools that must be adopted, with prior authorization from the Ministry of the Interior, to control the pandemic, “he said.

For municipalities with more than 75% occupancy of ICUs, mobility restrictions apply, like those taken on the bridge of Reyes. That is to say, curfews, peak and cedula, among others, could be implemented.

For municipalities with occupancy between 51% and 69%, mayors may request special measures with prior authorization from the Ministry of the Interior and Health. Those with less than 50% occupancy would not have special measures to restrict mobility.

The president pointed out that in the cities that report high levels of positivity, restrictions on public events are maintained, discos and places of dance and consumption of intoxicating drinks in public spaces and commercial establishments without pilots. The sale of intoxicating drinks is not prohibited.

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